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101 activities that a psychologist can do, in addition to clinical psychology.

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Hello, I am psychologist

. Once pronounced the word “psychologist” associates  immediately to the treatment of mental disorders, to psicoterapia clinical or sanitary. That is the typical stereotype of the profession of psychologist, however, the clinical therapy only is a small portion of the professional activities that can exert a psychologist like specialist of the human behaviour.

What can do a psychologist?

Practically all what do and think, even while we sleep during the dreams, is directed by our brain by what know his operation is fundamental to improve like people and society. Of course, from the rigour of the science. Although a very high percentage of the people that initiate his studies in psychology do it with some clinical vocation, and the career prepares you for this, the psychology goes much more there and covers a wide number of professional exits and activities that a psychologist could make.

The university career of psychology is a multidisciplinary training that allows to finish graduating with specific quotations in three areas, taking like example the Degree in Psychology that gives the National University of Education to Distance (UNED):

  • Psychology of the health and intervention in mental disorders and of the behaviour.
  • Psychology of the work and the organisations (social psychology).
  • Educational psychology.

Besides, the percentage accredited of clinical university credits (UNED) once finalised the career is of a minimum of 90 ECTS, considering by this fact a career of sciences of the health. However, for what prepare you the rest of the 150 university credits?

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The psychologists have had to surpass subjects related with  in statistical analysis, designs of investigation, psychometrics, the social psychology, education, personality, motivation, emotion, attention, perception, memory, thought, organisations, language, processes of learning, groups, psicobiología, evaluation, evolutionary development, technicians of intervention, etc. Besides, of the own of the sanitary branch as they can be: psicofarmacología, psicopatología, cognitive therapy-conductual or neurpsicología. All this taking into account that the university training of degree is the previous step to the trainings of postgraduate in areas like the investigation.

As in everything, the career prepares you multidisciplinarmente by what the most common is once made these complementary basic studies with másters or postgraduates more specific of a concrete area.

As firm defender of the profession of the psychologist and taking advantage of the informative character of this web on psychology have decided to make a list of all the activities that can make the psychologist that can help you to define you like psychologist and learn to define the competitions for which prepares you the psychology and his pertinent postgraduates. You help me with the list?

101 activities that can do a psychologist, in addition to psicoterapia clinical. 

These are some of the tasks or professional exits for which a psychologist could be qualified, this yes with his respective specialisation in this regard. As you will be able to observe, no everything is clinical psychology. The article would remain too extensive if I explain in what consists each one of the areas, help me to expand the list in the comments? Which would remove or would put? Here they go 101 professional exits for the psychologists:

  1. Psychology of the Promotion of the Health and Sanitary.
  2. Clinical psychology.
  3. Psicoterapia.
  4. Educational psychology.
  5. Professional orientation.
  6. Labour orientation
  7. Vocational orientation.
  8. Educational orientation.
  9. Neuropsychology.
  10. Emotional intelligence.
  11. Psychology of the Physical Activity and of the Sport.
  12. Psychology of the High Sportive Performance.
  13. Psychology of the sport of base and initiation.
  14. Psychologist of and-sports (video games).
  15. Psychology of the leisure and the free time.
  16. Psychology of the Traffic and the Security Vial.
  17. Psychotechnical evaluation of people.
  18. Psychology of the Work and of the Organisations.
  19. Juridical psychology.
  20. Psychology of the drodependencias.
  21. Psychology of Social Intervention.
  22. Psychology of the Behaviour of the Consumer.
  23. Psychology of the Advertising.
  24. Investigation in psychology.
  25. Invesitigación In neuroscience.
  26. University teaching.
  27. Lecturer and scientific Divulging.
  28. Psychosocial analyst.
  29. Editorial and writing.
  30. Marketing.
  31. Expert in communication.
  32. Analysis of places of work.
  33. Advice in the design of products.
  34. Design of community spaces.
  35. Prevention of the violence of gender.
  36. Psicoeducación, prevention of violence in school spaces, bullying.
  37. Management and organisation of human resources.
  38. Expert in psicomotricidad.
  39. Professional development personnel.
  40. Analysis caligráfico.
  41. Conciliation life-labour.
  42. Development of teams of work.
  43. Forensic psychology.
  44. Environmental psychology.
  45. Psychology of the labour security.
  46. Familiar mediation.
  47. Statistical analysts.
  48. Psychology applied to the Courts.
  49. Psychology penitenciaria.
  50. Psychology of the delinquency
  51. Psychology pericial.
  52. Police psychology and of the Armed forces.
  53. Victimología.
  54. Cognitive rehabilitation.
  55. Promotion of the human rights.
  56. Psicobiología.
  57. Biofeedback.
  58. Training and development of the personnel.
  59. Selection and catchment of personnel.
  60. Business advice.
  61. Coaching Managerial.
  62. Political psychology.
  63. Specialist in mindfulness.
  64. Interviewer.
  65. Expert in language and lecto-writing.
  66. Expert technician in technicians of study and memorisation.
  67. Anthropology.
  68. Sociology.
  69. Design of studies of investigation and analysis.
  70. Consulting organizacional.
  71. Design of spaces of work.
  72. Expert in motivation.
  73. Sexology.
  74. Psychology of intervention-social.
  75. Psychology of the new technologies.
  76. Psicogerontología, psychology of the old age.
  77. Intervention in catastrophes and emergencies.
  78. First Psychological Helps.
  79. Psychology of the disability.
  80. Advice in private right.
  81. Psychology of the personality.
  82. Expert in processes of personal change.
  83. Psicoanalista (Does not form part of the psychological science).
  84. Expert in hypnosis.
  85. Evaluation and preparation of psychological test.
  86. Psicofarmacología.
  87. Cognitive psychology, cognitive reconstruction.
  88. Psychology conductual, analyst and improvement.
  89. Psychology of the basic processes: memory, attention, motivation, emotion…
  90. Expert in personal relaxation and grupal.
  91. Development of technicians of dynamics of group.
  92. Institutional dynamics.
  93. Psychology of the language.
  94. Psychology of the personal development.
  95. Psychology of the interpersonal relations.
  96. Psychology of the relations of couples.
  97. Community psychology.
  98. Counseling.
  99. Coaching Personal-vital.
  100. Specialist in Full Attention.
  101. Psychology for the training of animals.

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These are only some of the facets in which a psychologist could find his professional place. It comments to improve the list 🙂

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