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‘Big Mouth’, analysis of a tv serie about the hormonal revolution.

big mouth

‘Big Mouth’, the new animated series of Netflix that surpasses the limits of the black humour to approach of the most natural form possible one of the subjects tabú by excellence: the puberty and the sex. In definite, stages of way comic and irreverent but at the same time of natural form the revolution hormonal by which all and all have happened and that in a lot of occasions remains unseen as if we embarrassed us of this. By the way, Netflix already has communicated that there will be second season. Well!

I am convinced that absolutely all those that see the series will feel  identified with this stage of his life. The animated series for adults are fashionable and ‘Big Mouth’ joins  to the car of the irreverent humour of series as ‘American Give’, ‘Father of Family’, ‘Rick and Morty’ or ‘Bojack Horseman’ or the already classical ‘South Park’. A big tarpaulin of Netflix. Excellent series. This yes, if you are a sensitive person to these subjects prepare you because it is a series without practically censorships, in which they abound the words malsonantes, the penes, vaginae and other sexual organs.

The protagonist of the series are a group of boys of around 13 years. Nick and Andrew are the main protagonists together with Jessie, Missy and Jay to which visits them the monster of the hormones (Maurice for the boys and Connie for the girls). Each one of them will show his starts in the puberty and his interests on the changes hormonales own of his age and the consequences of them like the sexual attraction, the first loves or the derivative jealousies. Besides, it is of big interest the deal that does the series on the familiar structure of each one of the characters of what will speak more advance.

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Still it keeps on being delicate to speak with our children and teenage on that that we same have lived in our adolescence: the first contacts with the sex. Yes, we are speaking of the first masturbation; of as to a girl has his first menstruation; of as the boys and girls begin to turn into  adults and see as they go out them his first pelos in parts that before neither looked , change the tone of voice and interest  by things that before neither went through them  the head like the sexual attributes.

To continuation go to do reference to any of these subjects tabú to which does reference.

‘Big Mouth’: When the sex no longer is subject tabú.

To continuation go to do reference to any of these subjects tabú to which does reference, along the article go  linking articles related of psychological cut that it can serve of help to understand of way proactiva the series and serve like this to educate better to our children in the sexuality.

The masturbation (masculine and feminine).

In all the chapters of the series is present the masturbation. The protagonists are discovering his sexuality and the pleasure that this produces by what his hormones altered condition to the big sexual context part of his day in day out. The masturbation is a sexual practice that makes the majority of the population, men and women, but that has been always a delicate subject to treat, especially in the case of the women, when the ideal would be to normalise to educate properly in the sexual habits and no that something so natural see  conditioned by a society that seems to repress something even healthy for our organism and mind. Eye, as long as it was not compulsive and carry you to a loop in which you shelve your personal responsibilities, obviously. This last even sees  reflected in one of the chapters. The responsible sex begins by one same.

It was negative prejudices and more real sexual education. In the series no only treats  the subject of the straws (call him by his name) of the boys but also of the case of the girls and of as it does  understand that the girls also feel  the same of aroused sexually that the men. To the equal that Andrew or Jay begin to discover his sex and his penis seems to be his best fellow, in the case of Jessy discovers his vagina and boards join become friends with she. Literally. Nick finds  in this initial phase that does not arrive to complete but is conscious of her and shares with his friends these experiences.

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The menstruation.

The main subject of the chapter 2 is the first menstruation of Jessy that lives for the first time this experience, in a first moment frustrante since all goes back  new for her which faces of the best possible way. We live in 21st century but the feminine menstruation seems that the society follows it hiding as if out of something of what embarrass, especially in the masculine sector, by ignorance. In the series shows  as it is of natural form. Besides, it shows  in tonality comic the changes of state of spirit derived of the revolution hormonal and what seems me more important sample to a woman empoderada and free.

The physical changes.

During the adolescence produces  crowd of physical changes derived of the transition to the adulthood: growth of beautiful pubic and sexual attributes (genital, breasts…), changes in the tonality of the voice, increase of muscular mass and growth, etc. The physicist goes in us by the eyes by what is favourable to comparisons. Already in the first chapter of ‘Big Mouth’ reflects  like Nick embarrasses  that his penis was smaller (and without peel in the genital) that the one of Andrew, already this already finds  more developed. Yes, this raisin. The boys are not so boys like some parents think and have eyes. Another thing is that afterwards they arrive home and explain him to his parents what frustrates them, by timidity, fear and ignorance of the sex. In the series see  both cases, parents that explain openly what sucede and others that no. At the end, speaking understands  the people.

In the case of the girls, the most striking is the case of Jessy that compares his breasts with the one of the rest of girls and even dares to carry a new bra to the school so that they highlight more his breasts.

The homosexuality.

Between the friends of the school finds  Mathew, a youngster that has already his clear-cut sexual orientation: it is homosexual. Along the series shows  of natural form with the rest of his friends without that these have negative prejudices to him. In fact, the own Andrew attends to him in front of his own inner restlessness on cual is his sexual orientation.

In the case of the girls, in one of the chapters reflects  like the mother of Jessy feels  attracted by a woman and as the unseen in his own insecurity and fear to express it openly. Jessy, like woman empoderada that presents , when discovering it achieves finally speak it with his mother of open form.

Related with this, the series also does a small wink to the identity of gender (or this resembles it to me me) in the case of another of the girls of the school. You know to who do reference? By the way, it does not have to  confuse identity of gender with sexual orientation.


The sexual abuse.

A very delicate subject but that in several episodes reflects  as in occasions treats  to the woman like a sexual object, unfortunately. I want to think that this type of scenes serve for concienciar to these parents adults that see the series to educate properly to his children and daughters to warn situations of risk. In one of the chapters of ‘Big Mouth’ sees  like a chic, Daniel, the typical popular boy of the institute, tries that the sister of Nick, Leah, practise him oral sex pushing his head and insisting when Leah sees  clearly that it does not want to make it. Leah, of form asertiva denies  categorically to this and the done of his room. Act followed the stalker, in spite of being a popular person, sees  despised by the rest of people that find  in the house. It is a form to condemn on purpose this type of acts, first step to avoid that they normalise .

In this section, also wanted to mention a male chauvinistic fact that position to the woman like sexual object. As we mention before, Jessy decide of free form, carry a new bra to the school. However, the mates intimidate it and even Jay even says him that when going like this is causing to the boys so that they touch it of sexual way. Jessy, like brave woman and empoderada, taking measured in the subject and confronts  to Jay but does not leave to finish feeling privacy by his mates. Unfortunately, we have built a too male chauvinistic society in which the woman follows litigating by his rights to all the levels. Show as it affects to our youngsters of open way as in this series seems me sensibilizador and preventive to the equal that sucede in the popular series ‘By 13 Reasons’, also of Netflix.

The pornography.

All the world remembers the first time that saw a film pornográfica. Surely it went on the quiet and as if it treated  of a fact forbidden, in fact is illegal to sell it to minors of 18 years, which makes  mainly because to the not speaking openly of the sex can be inappropriate in hands of boys inexpertos. I do not want to say that it was necessary to go down the age of visualisation, although with the digital era is extremely simple to access to pages pornográficas still being minor of age, what want to say is that what causes his bad use is a bad sexual education of root.

In the series, Andrew and Nick see his first film porn after having to devise them of one thousand ways to attain see his first sexual act. Although in the porn all is magnified, for a lot of teenagers is the only way to learn what is what sucede during the coitus. In fact, in the series sees  a scene in which for the first time Andrew and Nick see to two people making love, some neighbours of Jay and of haphazard form.

The social stigma of the consumption of pornography carries to the negation of the same, especially in the case of the women. I am not saying that it was well or bad, neither necessary, simply that sucede and does not have reason be negative. We go back to the of before, as long as it was not compulsive or limit our life. You are not robbing a bank, although sometimes it do us feel like thieves.

In the case of the women, reflects  of a subtler way. Through the relatos eróticos, to the purest style 50 Shadows of Grey, but with another title: ‘The Rock of Gilbraltar’, that has to the women so many girls like adults intrigadas (and aroused) by the histories of the bet Gustavo and his beloved. This also has to the boys in alert, perhaps to learn to as arouse to the women.

Other reflections on Big Mouth.

Another of the subjects reflected in the series are the diversity of familiar structures. On the one hand, it is the family of Nick, modélica, that contrasts with the one of Jessy or Jay much more desestructurada. The family of Andrew is of court more conservative and the one of Missy protective.

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Besides, they exist other points that would be worthy to analyse like the treatment to the world imagined and creative of the boys showed through the imaginary friends with which share his secrets, problems and doubts on the life. The case of the character of the trainer Steve also could serve to fill up some lines and reflections but leave these open doors for the debate.


Iván Pico

Director y creador de Psicólogo Colegiado G-5480 entre otras cosas. Diplomado en Ciencias Empresariales y Máster en Orientación Profesional. Máster en Psicología del Trabajo y Organizaciones. Posgrado en Psicología del Deporte entre otras cosas. Visita la sección "Sobre mí" para saber más. ¿Quieres una consulta personalizada? ¡Escríbeme!

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  • Hola Iván… Mi nombre es Olivia y soy estudiante de Periodismo de UMH de Elche. Tenemos como asignatura Psicología y en un trabajo (lo estoy elaborando actualmente) nos corresponde hablar de dicha serie. Mi pregunta es: ” Esta serie según Netflix es para un público a partir de 16 años, ¿esa edad es totalmente acertada o crees que deberían ser para mayores de dicha edad?”

    • Hola Olivia.
      La serie narra desde la sátira y el humor negro cosas muy habituales que todos los niños a esa edad conocen. De hecho, narra sus propias vivencias. Sí es cierto que utilizan bastantes palabras malsonantes pero a esa edad ya se debería saber discernir lo que está bien de lo que está mal. Desde mi punto de vista, creo que los 16 años es una edad acertada, considero que no es necesario tener que esperar a los 18 para poder verla sin “temor”. Eso sí, no es recomendable para edades muy tempranas, pero básicamente porque habría cosas que no entenderían y perdería parte de su fundamento.

      Conseguir poder ver esta serie un padre con su hijo sin que ninguno de los dos se sonroje sería un buen indicio de una una educación sexual sana.

      Espero haberte ayudado. Me gustaría saber más sobre el resultado de tu trabajo.

      Un saludo,
      Iván Pico
      Psicólogo online

      • Hola Iván. Muchas gracias por contestar, nos ha servido de mucha ayuda. El trabajo en dos días debemos entregarlo, ya te contaré que tal.
        Consiste en tomar, bien una serie, una publicidad, película…. lo que sea. Una vez escogida se trata de hablar del público objetivo al que va dirigido, y una vez hecho esto, corresponde describir las respectivas características ya sean cognitivas, sociales y físicas.
        Corresponde también hablar del audiovisual que se haya escogido de acuerdo a: días de emisión, lenguaje que se utiliza y etc.
        Así vamos!!!!!… nos quedan las últimas pinceladas para acabarlo

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