(English) How To Break Bad Habits And Replace Them With Healthy Ones

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A bad habit is one that interrupts your goals in life and prevents you from accomplishing them. Bad habits can be in different forms, it could be an act of not eating healthy or some other physical activities that you indulge in and are capable of harming your being. Bad habits are not easy to kill off and that is the reason why there are so many articles telling you how you can put an end to them successfully. You have to first accept that you are indulging in some habits that are not beneficial else you wouldn’t feel you need to change anything. Here are some ways to break some bad habits and replace them with healthy ones.


Go on a retreat


A retreat usually attracts people with similar concerns or interests and therefore offers the opportunity to spend time with like-minds who are looking to achieve the same result as you. During retreats, you can make new friends that you can keep in touch with when you get back home. You can go for programs that aim at fixing a bad habit you have.

Ibogaine is known as a medicine that interrupts addiction to some bad habits like heroin, methadone, cocaine, amphetamine, and alcohol. It can also be used to treat other physical and emotional problems. The origin of the ibogaine treatment lies in the Bwiti tradition in Gabon. The bark of the Tabernanthe iboga shrub from which ibogaine is extracted is used as part of an initiation ceremony. People usually report feeling more confident and happier with the changes they see as they feel calm and safe within themselves.


Improve your eating habit


One of the worst habits you can find yourself indulging in and feel it is nothing is not eating healthy. Eating late into the night is one example. Other bad eating habits could be taking diets that are not balanced or having too much sugar in your foods. There are so many dangers attached to these and you can stay away from those repercussions by just eating foods that will help your overall health. If you have not been eating the right food, you should consider improving your eating habits and maybe your environment also to help you stay healthy and keep a moderate weight. Changing your eating habits involves making small lifestyle changes that you can keep doing over time. Spend more eating time with food supplements like a sugar-free vitamin. These supplements do amazing jobs in your body systems than you could ever imagine.


Choose a substitute for the bad habit


It is usually difficult to break off a bad habit without embracing a replacement. For example, if you know you love smoking a lot which is not good for your lungs, you can think of other activities to indulge in whenever you feel like smoking. For example, you can do something else that would involve you using your two hands. Playing some games like volleyball, football, and basketball are good examples of substitutes for some bad habits. You can even play computer games. You need to have a plan ahead of time for how you will respond when you are faced with indulging in a bad habit else you wouldn’t be able to achieve this.


Try not to be alone all the time


Most of the bad habits that people carry out are usually done in private. For example, you would hardly see someone eating late all the time in a school dormitory. There is always that cautious feeling of others watching. This is because you know that what you are doing is not healthy and you wouldn’t want others to see you. Likewise, someone who uses illicit drugs would not do drugs in the midst of a crowd, unless of course he or she is in the company of other drug users. So, one of the ways to break off a bad habit is by making sure to be around good company most of the time. Do not stay alone because that would be a welcoming environment to indulge in some bad habits.


Join forces with someone


This is not to say that you go about looking for anyone who also has a bad habit. If by any chance you come across someone with the same problem that you have and also looking to break that bad habit off, you could join forces with this person and heal yourselves together. The two of you can hold each other accountable and also celebrate when you win together


Final word


A bad habit is like a flat tyre. If you do not change it, you can’t move forward. Bad habits can affect you both physically and mentally and also waste your time and energy. The moment you realize these problems about you, the next thing is to take measures to break them off and acquire other healthy ways of life. The tips here are some of the ways you can adopt but there are many more. You can embrace what would work for you and do not attempt to change all the bad habits at once. It is a gradual process but you must make a valiant effort in that regard.'

Duncan Hendren

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