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We’ve all been in a position before where the ideas just stop and there doesn’t seem to be a way that we can get the work that we need to finish, completed. In this article, I hope to provide you with several different ways in which you are able to overcome creativity fatigue when it strikes at work as quickly and efficiently as possible, so you don’t fall too far behind.

Sharing Ideas with your Colleagues

Sometimes the issue arises because the piece that you are working on has a problem in it, or you feel the need to bounce an idea off someone else to make sure that it works the way you intend for it too. To achieve this, particularly in the current climate, it is important to know how to share large files with others so that you can receive their feedback, which will hopefully give you a push in the right direction. This varies depending on a lot of programs, so it is important that you learn the way that works best for whichever one you are using, but usually, there is a share option within the settings of whatever program you are working with.

Change your Routine

A lot of people have a set time of day that they are most productive in and upon learning this try to utilize this time so that they can get the most out of it. Although this isn’t always possible when there are set hours that you work within. If this is the case for you, introduce frequent small breaks into your work routine and ensure that you get a proper lunch breach (not a working lunch). It is important to get away from your desk every once in a while, and not think about whatever project you are working on. Working the entire day without taking a break from the work will result in you burning out and being unable to work on anything because you are overwhelmed and haven’t taken any time to recharge.

Set Smaller Goals

Sometimes just looking at a long to-do list is overwhelming and can make your brain freeze from the mere thought of what needs to be done. I find the best way to overcome this obstacle is to split the workload into smaller, more manageable targets so that the end goal doesn’t seem unachievable. If there is a way to look at a piece of work and aim to have the first half completed in a set amount of time, then set a time frame for the second half it will make it seem a lot more manageable than to look at the work as a whole.

Mindful Breathing

Your creativity can be affected by your stress levels, so if they are higher than normal it will affect your ability to think creatively, this is where mindful breathing comes into play as it can relax you so that your creativity is no longer impacted. Taking a moment to focus on your breathing is a good way to overcome creativity fatigue. Sit at your desk, close your eyes, and breath, avoiding any distractions and trying not to think about the workload waiting for you. If there isn’t a way for you to leave your work environment for a break this is probably the second-best option, as you are able to calm yourself down and clear your mind without getting up from your position.

Get Moving

Linking back to the idea of taking small breaks throughout the workday, it can help to be active during those breaks. Either taking small walks around the office, down the hallway, or to the toilet can greatly help your focus and creativity while at work; all of these options get you away from your desk and the project you are working on with the added ability to improve your circulation and clear your mind so that when you return it is to start with fresh eyes.

Final word

So, there are five different ideas to help you overcome creativity fatigue at work, if one doesn’t work another one might so don’t lose help. Some people find it helps to be active and take breaks at regular intervals, while others prefer to relax via their breathing or splitting their work into smaller targets, but collaborating can always help, as someone else may pick up on the thing that is missing and help to restart your creative flow.'

Duncan Hendren

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