(English) 7 Ways to Reduce Medical Expenses

medical expenses

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Question: what can be done to reduce the financial costs of medical treatment — of course, in addition to the obvious recommendation to lead a healthy lifestyle and give up bad habits? To translate this natural desire into reality, a few simple recommendations will help, which will be listed below.

1. Buy Generics

Generics are analogues of original medicines manufactured according to an identical formulation and containing the same active substance. The main difference and at the same time the advantage of generics is their cost — it is always significantly lower than that of the “original”, since it does not include a mark-up for a popular brand or a well-known trademark.

To buy cheap high-quality generics, you need to search through the online network pharmacies in canada that ship to the us and simply place an order there. Even in combination with the costs of shipping from abroad, this option provides maximum savings – especially for people who suffer from chronic diseases and need long—term regular medication.

2. Use Price Monitoring Websites

If the above method is not suitable for any reason, then you can resort to the services of monitoring sites that provide information about the prices of medicines in different pharmacies. On services of this type, you can see where and at what cost a particular drug is sold, and then choose the cheapest option.

The main thing is not to forget to take into account transport costs when assessing the economic feasibility of a trip to the pharmacy (gasoline consumption, bus fare, taxi, etc.).

3. Take Advantage of Special Offers and Loyalty Programs

It would not be superfluous to study the conditions for the release of drugs in pharmacies in your city. Many pharmacy chains offer discount programs for regular customers or conduct profitable promotions for all customers.

Studying this system allows you to save quite a lot, but also requires taking into account the costs of trips to pharmacies.

4. Talk to a Doctor Online

A small benefit that COVID-19 brought: many doctors began to receive patients online, while the cost of such a consultation is always much cheaper than a face-to-face visit.

5. Request a Refund

If the cost of treatment amounted to more than 10% of the total amount of income, then this entitles you to receive a refund of the funds spent on paying for the established list of medical services.

6. Read the Insurance Contract

For those who are treated under insurance, it will be useful to carefully read all the terms of the contract. Insurance companies often pay for medical services only in strictly defined clinics. If you do not know this and are served in the “wrong” hospital, then you can get an unexpected bill with a very unpleasant amount.

7. Check medical bills

The last piece of advice is to carefully study each bill for the medical services received, and do not hesitate to ask questions that arise in relation to studies or procedures that were not actually carried out, but for some reason were “mistakenly” entered in the receipt.

This must be done before the bill is paid, because then, in order to get your money back, you will most likely have to sue the clinic.

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