(English) Sexuality in the globalized world: here and now

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Sex is a fundamental primary motivation for the evolution of human beings. This sexual impulse has led all civilizations throughout history to have it in a very important place within the culture of any country worth its salt. This article is intended for people of legal age so do not continue reading if you are not.

However, in many societies it has been a taboo subject, especially when sexual practices were carried out outside the canons of societal beliefs, generally religious, repressing impulses such as masturbation or certain sexual orientations.

Sex in the digital age

Fortunately, with the arrival of globalization and technology, access to information has allowed sexuality to be seen from other points of view. Sex, consented and without exploitation in between, or dependencies, only has benefits for those who practice it. Today thanks to there are many formulas to enjoy masturbation, either through personal erotic toys or through the use of Live Sex Cams or adult pages that increase the excitement of those who seek it. Obviously, it must be a responsibility to avoid a false sense of control.


When we talk about the internet and sex, it is inevitable to talk about internet pornography to see adult scenes starring actresses like LuLu Chu who have millions of fans around the world who enjoy their performances either alone or as a couple. It is important to emphasize that what is seen in a movie or pornographic scene is not always the reality of sexual experience, this is one of the great problems: confusing reality with the fiction of a scripted and normally idealized scene.

Does pornography affect relationships?

For all this, how does the consumption of pornography affect adults?

A study at the University of Montreal (USA) carried out by the Interdisciplinary Research Center on Family Violence and Violence Against Women carried out in 2009 tried to shed light on this question that so many people ask themselves: is it wrong to consume pornography? The first surprise of the head of the study, Simon Louis Lajeunesse, was that it was very difficult to find a control group that had never consumed pornography. The grown-up person who says they have never seen porn today is likely lying.

If the study was carried out many years ago, it would be easier to find that control group, due to the difficulty that existed for its access, but today sex is a reality to which the best estrellas porno can be accessed from any device with access to the network quietly in the privacy of our home. The university study revealed that 90% of the porn consumed came from the internet.

The objective of the work was to observe the impact of pornography on men’s sexuality and how its consumption influenced perception. The research found that single men viewed pornography at least 3 times a week for 40 minutes. Those who were in a relationship lowered their consumption by around half the time spent per week.

From the data of the study, a concern and a danger of the internet, and that is that the age of access to this type of content is getting lower and lower, so care must be taken and limited as much as possible because as we say, even if the sex is something natural, it is content for adults because you must be prepared on an emotional level to control its effects.

Regarding the perception of women of people who consume pornography, the study determined that their relationship did not change too much and it continued to be equally satisfactory, leaving aside the fantasy that the adult film provided, not demanding from their partner the same thing they see in this type of content. This is the important thing, learning to differentiate between reality and fiction, that is why it is important that its consumption is for adults, who in theory are better prepared to discern these realities.


Sex has accompanied us throughout life and it seems that the impact is not so much the fact of its consumption (if it is legal) as the one that society wants to impose. The correct sexual education at an early age is the best prevention against dysfunctional sexual behaviors.


University of Montreal. (2009). Are the effects of pornography negligible?

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