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Travelling could be an overwhelming experience, even without adding pets. However, how comfortable you and your pet will be on the journey revolves around your preparation level. It would help if you had more than their food and a toy to have a comfortable trip.

Many pets are used to an established set of routines. Deviation from such could be somewhat tough on them. This is where planning comes into place when traveling with your pet. It is not about bringing your entire pet care accessory on the journey but packing essentials to make life comfortable.

People care about their pets, and it is not surprising why some refer to them as part of the family. People go to several lengths to make their pets comfortable at home. It is not surprising that some people might prefer to have their favorite pets on their journey.

Be it a dog, a cat, a hedgehog, a monkey, or a bunny; we have this recommended list of items you need to have for a relaxing time together.

Pet Carriers

One of the compulsory items to have while traveling with your pet is a pet carrier. This is not about their usual kennel but something suitable for an extended trip. Also, if you will be flying, take note of the kennel you will take along.

It would help if you had a pet carrier that is comfortable for your pet. It should also be secure. In other words, consider the safety and security of your pet in the transport.

The following question can help you decide on the choice of a pet carrier:

  • Does the pet scratch the door of the carrier?
  • Has your pet escaped the carrier successfully before?
  • Is the pet comfortable?

The answer to the above could guide you on whether to use or change the carrier. You can check Pet Life stores for recommendations. For added security, we recommend a carrier with a grated metal door. This way, it will be secure, no matter the agitation. Also, ventilation in the crate is essential.

Pet Toys

The tendency for humans to get bored when confined to a vehicle or airplane for a long hour is high, let alone your pet. According to studies, animals living in captivity are usually bored. You might be lucky if your pet sleeps it off, but the tendency for this is pretty low, except when they are on a sedative.

With your pet toy around, they can successfully dissipate the energy of being confined. You don’t have to invest in something severe or extravagant. Choose something they are familiar with so it can keep them calm.

With your playset or stuffed animal, your pet can successfully eliminate excess energy and keep calm.

First Aid Kit and Other Medications

We know you do not plan for injury or sickness for your pet. However, we cannot completely rule out the possibility, so it makes sense to be prepared. The first aid kit in your car should suffice but make sure to put a couple of items in it to take care of your pet’s particular needs.

You can buy some accessories for your pet’s first aid box, as recommended by the American Red Cross. A couple of things to have are cotton swabs, bandages and gauze rolls, gauze pads, a roll of cloth, thermometer, hydrogen peroxide, instant cold pack, etc.

Make sure to give special attention to pets having particular medications or treatment for the disease. Make sure your vaccine bag has every essential supplements and medicine. If your pet is on a subscription medication that might prove difficult to replace while on the journey, refill before traveling.

Pet Grooming Accessories

I am pretty sure you will love your pet to look lovely and adorable while on the trip. As a result, make sure to pack her grooming needs. We refer to simple items like pet combs, brush, shampoos, and everything you need to keep their coat nice, fluffy, healthy, and clean.

You might also want to travel with a pet flea shampoo. This will help wash off all dirt like fleas and lice off your pet’s body every night before sleeping. Dogs especially need this to prevent flea infestation.

Pet ID Tag

Whenever you are out of the house with your pet, make sure they have a collar with them. With this, you have some peace of mind that your pet will not be lost even if they wander out of sight.

Make sure your contact information, especially your phone number, is spelled out on the pet’s ID tag. This is in addition to the pet’s name should be inscribed on the tag. There are rabies and travel tags that you should consider getting while preparing for your trip.

pet travel
Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich

Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich from Pexels


You need an extra level of diligence while preparing for a trip with your pet. In addition to your things, make sure to have every item that will make life comfortable for you and your pet when out of time.

In addition to the five items discussed, a few essential things to consider adding to the list are the pet’s full photograph, food, odor eliminator, pet wipes, bells and whistle, extra leash, water, etc.

With these items, you can have a memorable time out with your pet.


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