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Research Paper

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Sometimes, the single most difficult step when it comes to writing a research paper revolves around the premise of getting started.  Many people think of it as getting a root canal and procrastinate as much as possible. Unfortunately, this means that they don’t have the time to do a great job, once the deadline looms near. Here is what you can do to complete your research paper once the deadline rears its head:

  1. Try to Understand the Assignment and Set a Schedule

This is a major problem with many students. Many of them don’t pay attention in class and end up misunderstanding the core concepts of the paper.  Here it is imperative that you don’t hesitate to ask your professor about any details that you are not sure about.  You should also focus on mundane questions such as the length of the paper, the preferred citation system, and formatting details (if any).

  1. Choosing a Topic-Based on Your Interest and Focus

Writing a research paper does not need to be an unpleasant task as such. It is important to remember that you are likely to retain information when you choose a topic you like. Even if you end up with a topic outside your field of interest, you should focus as much as possible on an approach that you are good at conducting successfully. However, you will have to make sure that it is a topic on which there is ample information. Once you have the required information, you should narrow it down till you will be able to focus on a highly specific point. This will be the crux of your research paper.

  1. The preliminary reading of the Topic

Buy a small notebook and keep it with you once you commence your research. First and foremost, try to read a general blog or article related to your research topic. For example, you read an article in an encyclopedia. Record the author, the name of the article, and/or book title. You should also jot down its publication information in the required format as specified by your Professor. Jot down any and all information from each clearly identified source. Always use quotation marks when quoting from a source to avoid plagiarism charges

  1. Create a Mind Map or Outline

You should draw up an outline or a working mind map based on the initial research. This outline should include all of the more interesting, important, or provocative points. Make sure to include some of your own ideas regarding the topic at hand. Here, your objective is to just simply group your ideas into various logically related groups. You can cross out and revise it as many times as you want, prior to starting the actual paper itself.


  1. Conducting your Research through Facts and Examples

This is the core body of the research. Don’t overlook any potential sources. You should try the internet, reference books, your varsity’s electronic databases, course books, newspaper articles, and anything else that contains relevant data. You have to jot down the publication information for each and every source. You should write important details, points, and examples. It is very important to always distinguish between paraphrasing and rewriting as well as direct quotes. Always remember that expert opinions are always far more valid than the opinion of the general layman. Try to work with new sources instead of old ones. This holds particularly true in the technology industry since it is prone to very rapid changes.

  1. Don’t Hesitate To Seek Help

You should not feel shy about seeking help online from the experts. Rest assured that there do exist many online freelance medical writers who will be able to help you write your research paper. As a matter of fact, this is a highly lucrative industry and these experts are available to help you breeze through your research paper in no time at all.

  • Conclusion

A research paper is not a particularly difficult thing to write, provided you don’t look at it as a sort of burden and procrastinate a lot. Just select the topic and research it and methodically press your case. Before you know it, the hard part will be over and you will have a great paper in your hands!


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