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On February 1, 2016, after a couple of months of hard work, this project came to light: So this article is dedicated to making a short summary of the web during these first 365 days. Happy first anniversary of many!

PsicoPico was born from the idea of ​​creating a digital magazine of psychological, neuroscience and online psychology, with the only illusion that one day I would get an email or comment telling me that some of my articles had helped someone, either out of concern, By training or by any possible problem. That would suffice me. A year later there has not been a single message, but hundreds of them and more than 110,000 unique users have visited the web. Those are more than the inhabitants of my city!

Many thanks to all the readers and all the people who have supported me in the project!

PsicoPico has evolved through the more than 110,000 written words that form its 121 articles. Trying to correct as many errors as possible and growing with them. It has allowed me to train in tools and strategies of digital marketing and social networks, writing, layout, design, web maintenance, etc. The portal currently has 11 main categories: emotional intelligence, sports, education, neuromarketing, human resources and organizations, social psychology, health, criminology, leisure, self help and curiosities.

It is a project 100% done by me and that has been a great challenge, a constant learning and a great personal improvement. In addition, it has allowed me to be trained and documented in the world of psychology and science in general. Thanks to the Internet, I was able to set up my own digital magazine, on a small scale, what I dreamed of when I was anxiously waiting for my father to bring the magazine Muy Interesante home. Now, from my possibilities, I can also disclose what worries me the most: human behavior.

Most Popular Articles.

Of the total of 121 articles, the ones that have obtained major visits are the following 20:

  1. Why do you like the Paw Patrol so much? (Series of 3 articles with a total of 40,915 visits).
  2. The Wheel of Emotions, by Robert Plutchik (25,674 views)
  3. The myth of Psyche: history of the symbol of psychology. (22,480 views)
  4. Mental disorders drawn, complete and explained gallery. (14,930 views)
  5. The 17 most frequent cognitive distortions. (7,349 visits)
  6. 20 songs with very psychological titles. (4,003 views)
  7. My experience at UNED. (2,768 visits)
  8. Alcoholism and Korsakoff’s syndrome: when alcohol eats the brain. (Two articles with a total of 2,683 visits)
  9. The cerebral dominance according to the quadrants of Herrmann. (2 views)
  10. How to tell the children that the Three Kings (or Santa Claus) do not exist. (1 views)
  11. Batman, a superhero with psychological problems. (1 views)
  12. The personal iceberg metaphor, the Virginia Satir model. (1,575 views)
  13. 12 mistakes of the interviewer in the selection of personnel. (1,366 views)
  14. Aristotle’s complex, believed better than anyone. (1 views)
  15. The chip economy program for behavior improvement. (1,231 views)
  16. The psychological expert report: characteristics and structure. (1 views)
  17. 15 + 5 very psychological songs. (1,139 visits).
  18. Jacobson’s progressive relaxation technique. View all
  19. The 6 Thinking Hats, by Edward de Bono. (1,027 visits).
  20. The polar bear phenomenon and obsessive thoughts. (1,003 visits).

Achievements, data and results to date.

The illusion with which the web development can not be measured objectively, but to be able to assess its evolution is good to pull statistical data. This is the summary of the year.

February 1, 2016. The adventure officially begins.

Start the project, although I take some articles written in another previous blog:

April 2016. Record of visits.

On April 21, 2016, the planets were aligned and recorded a total of 11,865 visits in a single day, a record to date.

November 2016. Premios Bitácoras 2016.

From thousands of participating blogs, is ranked number 60 in the Education and Science category of these prestigious Spanish-language awards.

December 2016. Listing Código Cero.

The magazine of technological dissemination Código Cero includes in the top 50 of the most popular Galician websites in Galicia according to the Alexa ranking. The website is in three languages ​​(Spanish, English and Galician) receiving visits from practically the whole world.

January 2017. Alexa Positioning.

In the past month, gets its best positioning website according to the Alexa ranking. Positioning in the position 1.108.447 in the world ranking and the position 52.865 of the ranking in Spain (data of January 31, 2017). The web has been growing steadily since its inception.

1 February 2017. Statistics: current subscribers and number of cumulative visits.

To this day, and just one year later, the website has 9,204 subscribers distributed as follows:

  • Facebook: 6,494
  • Twitter 673
  • Instagram 222
  • Newsletter, subscribers email: 1.815

Statistics of the web.

  • Total accumulated visits: 187,521
  • Unique users: 110,935.
  • Countries with most users: Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, United States, Ecuador, Costa Rica …
  • Total countries with users: 134.


The projects begin by overcoming the fear of putting the first stone, betting on an idea, which with work and many hours of dedication can come (or not) to become a reality. Many times do not go well, others as expected and at other times even exceed the expectations generated. The case is to begin, nobody is born learned and the training has to go always united to the project. And if it does not, another will emerge, with the experience of the previous one, assimilating the errors and learning from them to try to fall the fewest times in the same problems. It is human condition to err. The evolution of our species itself occurs through error, of genetic mutations, which sometimes help, and sometimes hinder, our development.

In the case of this website, correcting mistakes, learning every day, dedicating hours and delusion, has surpassed the initial objectives in this first year and hopefully continue to grow in the following. Thank you!

Iván Pico

Director y creador de Psicólogo Colegiado G-5480 entre otras cosas. Diplomado en Ciencias Empresariales y Máster en Orientación Profesional. Máster en Psicología del Trabajo y Organizaciones. Posgrado en Psicología del Deporte entre otras cosas. Visita la sección "Sobre mí" para saber más. ¿Quieres una consulta personalizada? ¡Escríbeme!

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