PsicoPico in the top 50 of the websites in Galician to Código Cero!

It ends in 2016, the year in which this small corner of outreach and psychological counseling was born. The project began 11 months ago and today we received some very good news: we are in the Top 50 of the most popular websites in Galician according to Código Cero. This prestigious digital newspaper on technology of Galicia bases the classifications according to one of the most powerful web meters: Alexa.

We entered for the first time in the top 50, ranking 49th in Galician websites, ranking led by the powerful page of is currently ranked 1,417,026 worldwide among the billions of websites published on the Internet. This result, thanks your visits continues to grow day by day. Código Cero updates the classifications monthly and we hope to continue working to continue appearing in this prestigious list, these results correspond to the last update of January 25, 2016, you can see the classifications by clicking here. publishes most of its articles in three languages (Spanish, English and Galician), counts today with about 9,000 subscribers between social networks (Facebook: 6.382, Twitter 650, Instagram 213) and subscribers of the newsletter Via e-mail (1,702). All of them subscribed to more than 123 articles published under the signature of its creator and director, Ivan Pico. To all visitors, subscribers and non-subscribers: THANK YOU and thanks to Code Zero for including us in the list.

From Lugo and from Galicia to the world.


If you want psychological advice, advertise or share any concerns you can do it through the email

I take this post to wish you a good start to the year 2017 and a good holiday for everyone!

Iván Pico

Director y creador de Psicólogo Colegiado G-5480 entre otras cosas. Diplomado en Ciencias Empresariales y Máster en Orientación Profesional. Máster en Psicología del Trabajo y Organizaciones. Posgrado en Psicología del Deporte entre otras cosas. Visita la sección "Sobre mí" para saber más. ¿Quieres una consulta personalizada? ¡Escríbeme!

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