(English) Top Ten Healthy Foods (and 1 Tip) to Help Increase your Productivity

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We have all at one point or another wondered how we can become more productive. The rat race that is life and work and personal life, and the balancing act that is all three has never been a simple or straight forward task. So if you are trying to pretend that you have more hours in the day by increasing your productivity, this one’s for you. We have compiled a list of the top ten healthy foods that have been clinically proven to increase a person’s aptitude for productivity. We have even provided one simple tip on healthy living outside of food too! So, here’s out guide on how to ‘get productive’.

Productivity Booster #1 – Salmon:

Fatty fish products are clinically proven to boost productivity and battle off sluggishness and depression even. Studies have shown that the omega 3’s present in salmon and other fatty fishes not only boost mental acuity and overall performance, but also improve memory capacity and help tackle depressive states. If salmon is not your favourite thing in the world, you can take fish oil or omega 3 supplements to achieve a similar result.


Productivity Booster #2 – Berry Boost:

Berries are rich in antioxidants, meaning that they increase and improve memory capacity and brain function. They have even been found to be preventative against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.


Productivity Booster #3 – Green Tea:

Green tea (as you probably have heard), is an amazing natural energy source. Energy production is richest in matcha green tea. Green tea gives you all the energy of fabricated sources without all of the bad stuff that comes along with them, because it is all natural.


Productivity Booster #4 – Dark Choc:

Not all chocolate is as bad for you as what they say! Dark chocolate is known for increasing ability to focus in general. As well as this perk, the caffeine which is present in the chocolate gives a little energy boost and increases focus. “This treat also contains magnesium, which has been proven to relieve stress naturally. It’s also just a fun little craving satisfier,” says Danielle Wilson, a health writer at Rated Writing and Writing Populist.


Productivity Booster #5 – Nutty Nuts:

Nuts are a common go-to when health food is mentioned. This is because first of all, they are a great source of protein and (good) fats which your body need to function. They are also a fantastic source of vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants. “This means that they power your brain and give your body extra energy. Certain types of almonds are even memory and intelligence boosting,” explains Gillian Merson, a writer at Academ Advisor and Dissertation Help.


Productivity Booster #6 – Avocados:

Many do not understand why avocados are considered a health food, but the answer is simple. Avocados increase blood flow around the body and to the brain, which naturally increases mental acuity and brain function.


Productivity Booster #7 – Water:

No, this is not a food, but water is a crucial part of productivity in the workplace. First of all, your body is made up of 70% water, and if this water (which is depleted naturally throughout the day), is not replenished constantly, your body and brain will suffer. Water is a necessity for any kind of productivity.


Productivity Booster #8 – Bananas:

Glucose is not something to be feared, and bananas are glucose rich. The natural sugar in this superfood increases energy capacity. It is a much healthier way to obtain the glucose your body needs daily than overdosing on carbs and processed sugars.


Productivity Booster #9 – Eggs:

Eggs have been shown to increase memory capacity and also do something that none of our other foods do; increase reaction times when it comes to work decisions. They basically make your brain more decisive and quick to process information. This is due to the work of a B Vitamin called choline, which helps out the brain’s reaction times.


Productivity Booster #10 – Brown Rice:

Brown rice contains magnesium, which as we already know, relieves stress and boosts productivity. This superfood is also packed with vitamins which helps your body work properly. When your body works well, you become more efficient.


Finally, our top tip! Exercise. Try not to roll your eyes. Everyone knows that consistent exercise does more than just keep your outer shell happy and healthy. Exercise gives you endorphins, which makes you happy, but it does more than that. Exercise clears your mind and allows your brain to take a break. Healthy body, healthy mind.'

Emily Henry

Emily Henry is a Business analyst and writer at Gradeonfire and Write My Essay. She also writes for Best essay writing services blog.

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