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‘The social dilemma’: How do they manipulate us?

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I finish to see the documentary The  Social Dilemma’ of Netflix. Big reflection of the impact of the social networks on our life, behaviour and thought. Create an addiction with one put: make money by the expense of selling a product. The product are you.

‘The  Social Dilemma’: a documentary on the truth of the social networks

It is difficult to assimilate all the information that receive thanks to the technology since our brain is not physiologically prepared to receive so many impacts of the different stimuli and directed with an end, by what are very vulnerable to be influenciados. You do not blame you thus, it is that it is very difficult not falling in the temptation of a perfectly meshed machinery to demand your attention.

The psychology of the consumption treats to achieve the best engagement until the level to control the behaviour and ideologies of the people that use the social networks. They speak  of a lot of appearances of the psychology that have spoken in this web, such as neuromarketing, social influence, addiction to new technologies, thought grupal or behaviour in social networks. Therefore, this article of opinion to remember some of these appearances of the field of the psychology that speak  during the documentary. Which recommend his visualisation.

Neuromarketing To win your attention

We speak of engagement in social networks or internet to how achieve that an user remain stuck in front of the screen receiving impacts and stimuli that finally turns into advertising or propaganda. In the neuromarketing is the answer and looks for to arrive of way more efficient to the potential customers. The neuromarketing is present since we do a research in internet, play with our telephone or review this notification of birthday of Facebook. How they attain to have us stuck?

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Little by little these impacts generate an influence and control on our decisions and thoughts, the neuromarketing redirects us to the aim of the big companies that find  by behind. For the social network in question, the customers are the companies that are by behind and you the product and everything fits  in a gear that produces billions of profits.

Dopamine and social networks

All these impacts that receive are a kick of dopamine in our brain that will be supported by us an anxiety anticipatoria of that that want to see. All this under a principle of condicionamiento basic psychological: the reforzamiento by variable interval.

If we do not know when we go to receive a stimulus gratificante or this notification that like us more, but know that we will have it will keep us in vilo and in constant attention. It is how they work the machines tragaperras. It is as it works an addiction, a dependency. The addiction that create these technological platforms is similar to the ones of the drugs, but with the apparent seen well of all the world. The creation of false expectations in some virtual surroundings can destroy relations healthier.

And yes, they are able to modify our thoughts and ideologies since only it will show us those recommendations that more adjust  to what we see or do that we see, by what lose  some critical capacity to the not to present us other ideas. It produces  a thought grupal in mass, that connects us to people purportedly affine of all the world.

When the network is not alone social

It does a pair of years had the opportunity to speak in Documents TV on the social networks in the documentary When the network is not social‘, in which it spoke  on the dangers that generates the use descontrolado of these networks. The enormous functionality of internet and even the social networks anybody argues it, but have to know  use with moderation and knowledge, therefore it is indispensable a digital education chord. Anybody takes a car without having carnet to drive, as the same.

It is necessary to know use them and have care with them. It is to be in front of the world behind a screen that seems to give an apparent immunity, protection and anonymity in some cases that creates social conflicts that finish repercutiendo in the real life.

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The friends for real are not in the network

The social networks have gone back  part of our lives, creating a need. It seems that voucher more many “likes Me” of “unknown” friends that of which really matter in the real life and do not deceive us, do not have so many friends for real, do not neglect them. They are rooted in our life. They exist generations that have been born with them, by what is very difficult desconectarse. The best tool of prevention is the education, that save us at least of the ‘fake news‘ And contents malintencionados.


I remain me witha s of the sentences that say the documentary: “only there is two big companies that speak like consumers to his customers: the drugs and the social networks”. So taken care with as we use them. In the documentary ‘The dilemma of the networks’ speak expert and professionals that have created part of the functions of the social networks and explain clearly the aim that have as well as the little ethical that they can become.


If you have read this brief reflection would like me know how many times have reviewed the notifications of the mobile while you read it and if you have posed you restrict them. Besides, surely you have seen a lot of announcements in my web page of products that have looked for or related with you, as this is neuromarketing. Anyway, it seems that it goes out the sun. I go me to stroll. I leave the computer.



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