The danger of new addictions in the society of technology

adiccion videojuegos

We live a digital revolution that is changing our habits and forms of interactuar and relate us with all that that surrounds us. Our behaviours Are accustoming  increasingly to the use of the new technologies and to receive increasingly external stimuli to través these tools that facilitate the access to a system and a market that before was much more limited by the need of the physical presence and all what this supposes.

New society, new behaviours, new addictions

To the pair that advance like society, also do it our addictions, like form of behaviour that are, are changing and especially in the called native digital, that already have been born of the hand of the technology. Before  focalizaba a lot in the problems of relative addiction to the abusive consumption of substances between the teenagers, and no so teenage.

The consumption of alcohol, tobacco, drugs of abuse like main threats to fall in a toxic addiction has given step in the last years to another type of problems increasingly common between the teenagers. These youngsters that with only take his mobile telephones have access to everything and more from any place, of instantaneous way and with the reinforcement to feel  with a layer of invisibility to make some behaviours that in person would be more difficult to make.

We are speaking of the new relative addictions to the new technologies: addiction to internet, to the social networks, to the video games, to the shopping, the on-line bets, pornography or even to virtual emotional relations toxic. The youngsters every time are more stuck to his telephones, to his consoles and shelve the reality, his studies or even his families. They have gone back  addicts and has gone back  one of the main causes of treatment of addictions in the skilled clinics. Attend to an expert professional in front of any type of alert that see with regard to them will be the best solution and prevention.

The new addictions: a danger to take  very seriously

The big problem of these new addictions, is that for the moment no has given them  so much importance or dangerousness on the health as it can be the consumption of substances. This partly is true, since the consumption of substances gives place, to part of the psychological dependency, to a physiological dependency elder and especially to problems derived of intoxications that affect directly to the organism.

However, we have to take into account that all the addictions, to cerebral level, work of an alike way and attack to our system of reforzamiento of the pleasure, that will request us more dopamine, more dose to measure that fall more in the addiction and accumulate tolerance to the same. This system  active of the same way already very was smoking a cigar, drinking alcohol, consuming cocaine that consuming video games of abusive way. It will finish for creating dependency like only road to feel pleasure. And the pleasure likes us to all.

The disorder by video games, a new mental illness

The disorders by addictions comportamentales already were collected in the manuals and classifications of mental illnesses, but so much has been the propagation of the addiction to the video games that the own World Health Organisation (WHO) recognised in 2018 the diagnostic of disorder by video games inside the CIE-11 (International classification of Illnesses). The criteria diagnostics of a pattern of behaviour of continuous game involve behaviours such as:

  • Fault of control on the behaviour of game.
  • Priorización Unsuitable of the game in front of other interests of greater importance.
  • Maintenance of the behaviour.
  • Behaviour kept along 12 months, or even less if it is very intense.

How we become addicted to the technology?

As we already explain, the key has it the system of reforzamiento of the cerebral pleasure, dominated by the neurotransmitter dopamine that is the one who commissions  to say us what us gusta and what no, which is necessary for our own evolution, but no so much when the sobreexcitados of way no natural, already was by means of substances psicoactivas or consumptions comportamentales exaggerated.

The system bases  in a learning related, from my point of view, with three big variables: the contingency, the contigüidad and the anticipation.

  1. Contigencia, because the probability of success is what does us learn and want to follow learning. If we fail or it did not do us feel well sometime would not repeat the behaviour.
  2. Contigüidad, because what nearer was the effect to our more effective behaviour will be. This, with the new technologies every time is more immediate. Video games of easy access that loads instantly, fast games, on-line sportive bets in direct and even shopping in internet and have your request the next day home.
  3. Anticipation, the simple fact to have the possibility to access to our video game of easy and simple form already begins to unchain in our brain relative behaviours to the same. It happens something similar to when it consumes  tobacco, the brain seems already enjoy with the fact to know that after the coffee will smoke you a cigar. The problem arrives when this no sucede and unchains  syndrome of abstinence and need of consumption that derives in behaviours erráticos or desadaptativos.

We take for granted that our youngsters are prepared to assume all the threat that receive and control his impulses of consumption, but the reality is that the society advances faster that the biological development of our brain by what have to be attentive and demand a greater emotional education and in new technologies to avoid that the technological advances do not go back  in ours against. The human beings are our own superdepredator. 

Iván Pico

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