The ascending sports orgasm: psychological aspects and differences with maintaining the category.

orgasmo deportivo

The feeling to rise of category is the most similar to a sportive orgasm. It did not have thought to write on this subject, but this week has produced  one of these sportive miracles where a humble team rises to the maximum category of the national sport.

The O Parrulo Ferrol F.S., directed by the excellent trainer (and fellow) Diego Ríos, has carried to a team that began the season with the aim of the permanence to achieve the promotion to the First Spanish Division, the best league of the world of futsal (happinesses!). As we said at the beginning, the emotional feeling and of satisfaction of these players, technical body and directive perhaps was the more resembled an orgasm. More forward we will speak of this.

It fits recalcar that the success of the Parrulo Ferrol has achieved  with the minor of the budgets of the Second Division, what is clear indication that the motivation so much of players, technical and managerial body is preferably intrinsic (interest or personal pleasure) and no extrínseca (external motivation, money, fame…). Achieve this is not at all easy and therefore we put of example of leader of a team to Diego Rivers in east another article on differences between a leader and an agent of groups.

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Rise, sportive orgasm.

Sportive Self-efficacy.

Firstly, I rectify the of miracle, has been fruit of the big work and the capacity to believe in the own possibilities.  We spoke it does some weeks on this same. In psychology, to this capacity calls him  perceived self-efficacy, that is the belief and our own possibilities to achieve a challenge or one put new. It is one of the bases of the professional success and carried to the sportive terrain could speak as of autoeficacia sportive. You can know more on her doing click here.

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The superación of small challenges is one of the best forms to achieve greater successes, few people is qualified to attain the immediate success without falling in the attempt. However, if we attain to go up a first stair, perhaps this small reinforcement serve us of sufficient motivation to follow going up stairs. The direction by aims, his corresponding feedback and the feeling of efficiency that generates in the players will do them feel this need to go to more, all want to more.

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It is a similar effect to the addiction, activates  the system of reward of the brain and want to that it follow active and to keep it every time will need more quantity of reinforcement. Win sticks. But eye, for this the trainer needs to establish put sufficiently motivantes for the sportsmen and this requires of some planning and knowledge of the needs of his players, since no all work the same. You can learn more on how do it in east another article puncturing here and here

The sportive orgasm. Why it likes more rise that keep the category?

In both cases, exists a reinforcement, but are different. To explain it go to support us in the psychology conductual and more specifically in the condicionamiento operante.

The sportive permanence.

In the case of the permanence in the category what produces  is a reforzamiento negative, that is to say the motivation of the players is the avoidance ofa  stimulus aversivo (the descent).

Besides, it is very different the satisfaction to achieve a permanence during the league regulate that during a playoff of descent. The reason is that to the contingency (probability) of the fact achieved joins him  the contigüidad of the stimulus. During the regular league, loses  this contigüidad and the reforzamiento goes back  more distant in the time. Unless you save you in the last day. As it can appreciate , it celebrates  more the permanence the teams that attain it in the last day in extremis that those that do it to fault of more days. The activation of the system of reward (of the neurotransmitter dopamine) has the fault.

Sportive promotion. 

When we rise of category sucede an alike thing, but increased by the achievement of the positive aim, the victory (the reward). What sucede in this case is a process of reforzamiento positive. The learning reinforces  by the fact to keep a suitable behaviour and achieve the prize deserved. They give us the candy (prize) for having us carried well. Therefore, we spoke before the achievement of small aims like measure of reinforcement adapted to the needs.

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Every time we will make better the necessary behaviours to attain the reward and every time will want to more reward. In the sport, the behaviours that learn  like triggers of rewards are appearances of training (physical and technical-tactical), discipline and other measures that will see  reinforced by the fact to win. Besides, when they produce  situations of promotion usually have  more stimuli reforzadores as they can be the environmental (greater fans) or, because not to say it, the economic premiums.

Yes, win always is better that lose, simply because it reinforces more. Another day will speak on that of “has come us well lose”, seriously prefer to lose? Safe? A thing is to lose and another thing is to generate resiliencia in front of adversities, do not look for to lose, searches the reward, the victory.

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Like sucede in the case of the permanence, when the promotion produces  during the league regulate the feelings are different to when they achieve  winning a final in which the contigüidad of the reward increases. Therefore, it is the same that happens with an orgasmo, likes us have them because the reward (pleasure) is immediate to the behaviour made.

Rise, the big sportive orgasm.

Iván Pico

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