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The Mandela effect: 16 examples of how we invent things.

efecto Mandela

The curious and popular effect Mandela produces  when we believe to remember situations, facts or events of erroneous form as if they were real, when sometimes neither so at least have arrived to occur. That is to say, we invent us things that give by sucedidas without being true.

The explanation, basically, could reduce  to that our brain is adaptative and tends to administer the resources of efficient way. This fast processing of the information can carry to the brain to plant data where are not, as when tecleamos quickly in the keyboard and escapes us  some letter out of place. To the brain compensate him, with grow, these small errors in profit of a more fast and efficient processing of the information. Complete hollow that are missing him as if of a puzzle treated  with the piece that better fit him inside the coherence.

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Some of the explanations of psychological type could be:

  • Effect drag. This type of effect is related with the social validation. It produces  when we believe us something because other people of our surroundings also do it.
  • Bias of confirmation. When we give priority to the information that confima our initial beliefs.
  • Criptomnesia. The brain plants data imagined in places of the memory with real contents.
  • False attribution. If sometime you have believed you something that have explained you although afterwards it result false, your mind will go back to remember what previously stored like true. This can give place to cognitive dissonances, that is to say to that your own brain go in in conflict refusing the new version in spite of being the correct.
  • Confabulación. It is produced by a possible deterioration of the memory. When it tries  remember something that really does not have  stored  falsea the answer generated,  complete with what can . This does not want to say that it was a conscious lie.

16 examples of effect Mandela very curious.

Here you have a listing with 15 curious effects Mandela that they will do you give him gone back in command:

  1. The death of Mandela.

We begin by the fact that gives name to this effect. The blogger Fiona Broome was the person that popularised this effect when believing firmly that Nelso Mandela had died years before his real death in 2013. When seeming this him sucedía to a lot of more people, that even said to remember details of his funeral. Other people remembered his death in prison, when really Mandela died already out of the prison.

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  1. Espejito, espejito, who is the most beautiful of the realm?

Surely relations this sentence with Blancanieves but… In the film of Disney do not say “espejito, espejito”. You challenge to that you try to check it. The curious of this is that in 2012 Julia Roberts lprotagonizó a film called Mirror, Mirror based in this history. They would put him this name influenciados by the effect Mandela?


  1. Mickey Mouse.

Do you a mental image of the most famous mouse of the world. You have it? Now say me, it carries suspenders? Surely you say that yes, but… No, Mickey does not carry suspenders.

  1. The gentleman of the Monopoly.

We do the same exercise that with Mickey. All the world has played some time to the Monopoly and safe that remember to the gentleman that represents it in his logo. Well, once that have his mental image, dírías that carries a monocle in the eye or no? What create? The answer is that no, although surely you thought that yes.

  1. Rafa, do not fuck me!

The people futbolera in Spain surely agree  of that famous judge of line, Rafa Guerrero, that pitó a penalti and expulsion of a player of the Saragossa in front of the Barcelona. I am entirely sure that you think that it said him: Rafa, do not fuck me! As no, never it said  this sentence. What say is “Go, fuck, Rafa, cagonemimadre”.

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  1. Luke, I am your father.

This perhaps was the effect Mandela more famous. The archiconocida sentence of “Luke, I am your father” of Star Wars never arrived to say  of this way. In reality it does not mention the name of Luke in any moment.


  1. We Plough The Champions…of the world.

The archiconocida song of Queen comes you  quickly in command. But, you would know to say me as it finishes? It finishes with a “of the world”, no? As no.

  1. Teresa of Calcuta.

Teresa of Calcuta was beatificada in 2016, that is to say recently. Practically all the world has the perception that this fact occurred does more than 20 years.

  1. The Simpsons.

All the world knows to these nice characters of yellow colour. However, the surname of Homer, Bart and compañia finishes in S? No. Really they are The Simpson, without S.

  1. They bark Sancho, signal that ride.

All the world relates this sentence with The Quijote but does not go out in all the work.

  1. Tiananmen.

In July of 1989 a man planted him face to several tanks in the massacre of the square of Tiananmen in China. A lot of people ensures that the tanks finished crushing to that brave man. This never sucedió, as it can check  in the video.

  1. Ricky Martin.

In Spain extended  the rumour that the famous program Surprise, Surprise!, the singer Ricky Martin went out of a cupboard to surprise to a fan to which found  with his dog and a pot of jam. A lot of people ensured to have seen the image, when never sucedió.

  1. 23F.

A lot of people in Spain remembers to have been still in direct by the television the attempt of coup d’état of 23 February 1981. In reality only it was broadcast in direct by the radio.

  1. Risky Bussines. 

A lot of people has tried to imitate the famous dance that makes Tom Cruise in underpantss, socks and shirt. The actor appears in scene gliding by the corridor. The majority of the people that imitates this scene does it with glasses of sun. But…The character does not carry glasses of sun.

  1. The thinker.

The famous sculpture of Auguste Rodin, The Thinker, is remembered by all. However, a lot of people remembers to this person pensante with the palm of the hand on the front. Larealidad Is that it is supported on the chin.



  1. Looney Toons. 

You know to these nice cartoons led by Bugs Bunny? Voucher, as it is not Toons, is Looney Tunes.


If you know more effects Mandela, share them in the comments.


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