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What is better to be alone or accompanied?

mejor solo o acompañado

The human beings are social beings that have evolved of this way so that the cooperation between the species improve and allow his own personal development. This is what in general terms sucede and what is used to to give better results. However, this is not like this in all the cases, exist people that decide by own right live in solitude, although crash in a lot of cases with the culture or society in which it lives .

The solitude is a right

In our society is used to  condition the success to the permanence in groups or couple along the life, especially when it speaks  of romantic couple. As if this was synonymous of success or only aim. In too many occasions fix this aim finishes creating situations of emotional dependency or toxicity that are far from the reality of the success in the life. Share the life with a person is healthy and enriquecedor as long as it was not an obligation imposed. They are many the studies that show that coexist that they diminish the levels of health or welfare when the convivencia is toxic (Barr, 2016).

The solitude is a problem when it does not wish  or is not  prepared to face it. Not being only is a question of survival, especially in ages advanced where an external help can facilitate us the life.

How it experiences  the solitude?

Therefore, once explained that the solitude has different nuances and contextualizaciones in function of the situation of each one ask us, how experiences the people the solitude? It is better to biological level be alone or accompanied? It is better to be alone or accompanied?

A recent study of the University of Bar-Illan reveals that they exist some complexities of the people under these basic social conditions.  Under a base of 1.700 people interviewed the results published in him Social magazine Psychology , the results showed that our brain experiences the life differently when it is  in solitude that when it is  in company.

The mental representation is cualitativamente different when we are alone or with people (Uziel, 2020). In situations of solitude the feelings of sadness are  more present, but when we are accompanied emerges the anxiety and the ire. The time to alone is taken advantage of like an opportunity to think in past experiences and future plans as well as to relax  of the stress and the social interactions and make activities of personal leisure of way autoseleccionada. As it could be see a series of Netflix that likes you or read a book.

Basically, what the study comes to say you and confirm us through the science is something that already knew. In a principle, our own social nature will ask us have some company, and that when it is the wished will increase our welfare, but the solitude will keep on being necessary to build us like autonomous and independent people of integral way. As it says the author of the study, the Dr. Wrap Uziel of the Department of Psychology of the University of Bar-Ilan: “One needs a combination of constructive experiences to alone and social, since each type of social surroundings contributes only advantages and very necessary“.

Personal growth in solitude

The time to alone also is an opportunity to improve our own personal growth, allowing us reflexionar of autonomous way and integrate this thought with which perceive of the other in a social context and form like this our own personal development. Therefore the solitude also is necessary to reduce the stress and overwhelm of the interpersonal relations even for our immune system as it showed a study of the University Pablo Olavide, that does us more vulnerable to virus and bacteria (Conde, 2013).

In another different study has discovered  that our brain  active in different zones when we are alone, therefore our experiences assimilate  differently. When this does  of way balanced and our social relations are not forced produces  this break-even point between solitude and company that will improve our personal welfare.

It is not that it was bad this only, is that it is necessary and beneficial.


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