Why you shouldn’t be obsessed with the scale to lose weight

obsesion bascula peso

This moment in which you go up you to the scale and see the numbers move is one of the most feared instants by a lot of people. In our thoughts have an ideal weight that contradicts  with the numbers that reflects us a machine of objective form. For a lot of people this can go back obsessive and use the scale every day, which is even contradictory to control our own weight if it uses  of irrational way and constant. It results more effective to weigh once by week or twice a month and of way controlled that do it every day.

The fact go up to the scale of continuous form does not contribute us data really notable. In fact, they can be grams of variation produced by such quantity of factors that would be very difficult to use them like clear measure of if it has increased  or reduced really the weight, to part that it is not a measure of quality and of health verídica, that at the end is the most important. However, it can serve us of reference if we use scales of precision that contribute us data of intelligent form to carry a control, no only of the weight, but of our index of corporal mass, among others values. You can see basculas in and compare cual adjusts  more to your needs.

It is well weigh in the scale every day?

As we came saying, weigh every day is not the most correct because it is not a notable data and too fluctuante. This variation of weight, these numbers reflected in the screen of the scale, can be a weapon of double edge. Everything will be very motivante if it fulfils our expectations, but frustrante if it does not do it and when we speak of grams of weight the difference would not have to be as to obsess us and carry us these negative thoughts during all day. The any case, our weight has to be the conditioning of our state of spirit. In fact, this obsession descontrolada could carry us in extreme cases to greater problems related with disorders of the feeding and similar.

The worry by a specific weight in so little time gives foot to make brusque changes in the feeding or exercise to achieve see the longed for figure in the digital signpost of our scale. This can carry us to have obsessive and ruminant thoughts that will carry us to think in the weight during all day without removing us it of the head. This function of our brain calls  ironic thought bimodal, that works in such a way that although we want to forget us of something that have in our mental image (the number of our scale) are unable because our brain needs to remember it of form rumiativa to know, precisely,  that do not want to think in this data.

Therefore, weigh every day can be contraproducente because it goes us to force to have a self-supervision excessively presionante and unnecessary. The only that will achieve is to lose time and no weight.

Recommendations not to get obsessed with  the scale

Before at all it is very important remember that for any type of diet that make  already was of loss or gain of weight has to consult  with medical professionals and/or dietistas and nutricionistas and accompany it with healthy physical activity. Once done our planning chord to our welfare can do uses of these recommendations to avoid the obsession with the scale.

Establish a routine to weigh

As we said, the most recommended is to weigh once a week or each fifteen days. We have to choose always a same day and a same hour to weigh . For example, all the Wednesdays each fifteen days, in the morning when raising , nudes and before desayunar. We can put us an alarm to agree us to forget us the rest of the time of this fact. Establishing this routine the same day to the same hour will avoid the possible fluctuations of weight by variables incontrolables and will provide us a more real data of the evolution of the weight. Our organism needs to adjust to the changes.

Plant the scale in a little accessible place

Usually the scale is a decorative element more than our bathrooms, although it was like this, do not situate it in a very accessible place to avoid the temptation to go up  to her out of our usual routine. You can save it in a drawer or plant it in a high place out of our visual scope.

It uses other levels no only the weight

Our personal happiness does not measure  the kilograms. You have to place in front this first of all. Besides, the ideal of weight or is not a highly cultural factor that has varied along the time by what the only that has to move you to control the weight is to improve your health, been of spirit and personal welfare. For this, if you want to control it in figures, support you in other measures like the index of corporal mass and makes routine medical controls to know your state of health by means of some type of analytical. You can have an ideal weight but the cholesterol by the clouds.

It shares your weight without shame with people of confidence

Our weight is highly culturizado and ask him to somebody what weighs until is badly seen. Why? It would not have to give us shame share this data. Although it is a personal data is highly observable. The most important is to say it of unsuspecting way for trasmitir to the another person that does not concern you the weight and if you want to delete it or increase is by questions of health or welfare. We have to choose well with the one who compartilo, better with people of confidence that serve us of support that with people that can use it like half jokingly or attack. The weight is a prejudice that is used to  use of negative and pejorative form that it could damage us if they use it with this end and could carry us to increase our obsessions.

It improves your emotional intelligence

The self-supervision is one of the basic components of the emotional intelligence,basic for any type diet and similar process. For this, is important that follow cultivating your emotional state general and keep some positive interpersonal relations. Learn to control our emotions, relax us and communicate us forms part of our personal balance and will help us to keep controlled our impulses, already was for eating or go up to a scale to know if we have or no increased of weight.

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