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Fear of being single: anuptaphobia

The anuptaphobia is an exaggerated fear of being single, which makes the affected cling to an unsatisfactory or choose anyone as partner relationship and, if you are alone, do not find meaning in life.

February 14, Valentine: the hated and loved in equal parts love date approaches. Large shopping centers are already putting eyes to those couples who want to buy your love with a nice gift. Okay have a partner, but not always and when it involves an obsession for the person who has that impersiosa need. This becomes an emotional disorder called: anuptaphobia.

The anuptaphobia is a disorder that can occur in both sexes but is more common in women. Fortunately, the advancement of society is making women now more independent and not have to take refuge in these possible toxic relationships that end in the short term to do more harm than good.

Affected people feel so desperately to stay alone who support extreme situations and even psychological or physical abuse, for fear of not finding another couple despite not being being happy. Therefore many times the partner selection filters become scarce and choose to either, so it becomes a loop. It is difficult to get out of this situation, because many times delusions or irrational justifications, the first step is to realize and admit it, so … Congratas, for all the people who manage to get out and find themselves!

Profile of a anuptaphobic

Usually people with some self-esteem issues, jealous and emotionally dependent. Sometimes even are people who have a certain lack of commitment because his search for the ideal partner hypothetical suggests that they are not with the right person.

Clearly, that this exaggerated fear extended periods can trigger major problems of anxiety or even depression so it becomes necessary to rely first on people confidence to get out of the situation at first, soon will be understood and will start a process of emotional recovery in many cases need more professional counseling in order to improve their self-esteem, regain confidence in themselves, and perform a cognitive reconstruction leads them to learn that you can be happy, even more, without company. This learning will help to improve inertia if the relationship comes next, because the most important to always you also saying things that are most important to you, you me.


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