What is subliminal advertising?

publicidad subliminal

In the stimulation of the human mind with ends of marketing no everything is valid, or no everything has the sufficient ethical morals as to apply it. It is the case of the subliminal advertising.

What is the subliminal advertising?

We can define the subliminal advertising like the phenomenon by which knows  the no conscious processing of external stimuli with ends of commercial communication. This type of advertising is forbidden by the majority of the countries by his forms to act of way intrusiva and with little conscious knowledge of the individual that receives it. It is an advertising system that does not have a sustento scientific tested, but can be been due to two questions: the practical illegality that limits his utilisation and comprobación of results  and the true hermetismo of the commercial marks about the studies in this regard of this advertising technician.

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In spite of this, these methods have studied  in diverse laboratories of psychology all over the world to long of the last century, from those first pilot studies celebrated in United States to finals of the 19th century by Pierce and Jastrow on the subliminal perception. The problem to the hour to study the subliminal perception and his results is the way to know like the person processes this information when being in the no conscious level, by what goes back  complex measure it.

In this sense, fits to signal two appearances with which any attempt of advertising application of the subliminal perception goes to result difficult:

  1. The thresholds of perception are individual. It can occur that a same time of exhibition do not generate the same in public different results.
  2. No all the means of advertising have the technical characteristics to reproduce situations that have been created with scientific material. Perhaps in the cinema, when treating of reproductions fotograma to fotograma, could manipulate  the speed of projection so that issue these messages.
    Last less.

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In spite of the difficulties, the subliminal advertising has been some frequently used resources by the sectors of the marketing and neuromarketing in his campaigns. They have gone adapting these technical limitations and the legal limitations to present messages of subliminal advertising to the edge of the legality. Of way, that practise it technical pre-subliminal that do not prevent that the stimulus was not conscious, that is to say, the objective person himself is conscious of the presence of this stimulus although it was mildly. The companies of marketing disguise and distort the stimuli so that they are not perceived of direct form, so that more than speaking of subliminal advertising speak of indirect advertising.

The causes by which a company poses  the utilisation of subliminal advertising, or in his lower indirect extension, are:

  • Has a very low cost, by what add it did not know an increase of cost and adds an extra of appeal to the global of the advertising piece.
  • The indirect advertising is more difficult to avoid by the consumer. A lot of consumers are reacios to the advertising issued, but can not evade of the indirect so easily. The individual does not have the feeling to be receiving advertising impacts. It is the case for example of the commercial marks that appear in products of determinate films like natural part of the scene or if for example I had included along this editorial some expression referenciada to a product.
  • There are messages that if they are presented of direct or explicit form could damage the general image of the product or mark in question. The sobreestimulación is not neither good since it can generate contempt by the mark, but however there are marks that knows  that they appear in an announcement without practically appears in her. It is the case for example of when they play  with the logos of important marks in the colours of the same . Imagine you that bring you a soda whose container is red with some white letters, sure that it does not do you lacking expose the mark so that the stimulus was evoking you to her.

The best to warn that this type of announcements intrusivos manipulate us is to be know of his existence, as always the education is the best weapon in front of any type of external stimulus.

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  • Hola Ivan!

    Enhorabuena por el Blog, he llegado a esta página a través de otro medio y viendo que hablais de neuromarketing , me parece algo genial para relacionarlo con ecommerce.
    Este post trata de publicidad, yo creo que si lees nuestro blog, puedes ver que tratamos bastante el posicionamiento orgánico

    un saludo

    • ¡Hola Ignacio! Gracias por las palabras. Sí, es un tema muy interesante, del que he realizado algunos estudios. Intento aplicarlo al posicionamiento orgánico de la web, aunque cada día es más complejo. Si estás interesados ponte en contacto conmigo para poder realizar alguna colaboración. Un saludo, Iván.

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