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(Español) Estar aburrido es bueno para la salud y fomenta la creatividad.

aburrimiento aburrise

The boredom is the feeling of dissatisfaction in front of the fault of pleasant stimuli or interesting activities that does us feel that we are not making at all of utility and even does us feel empty. Basically, it is the feeling of not being doing at all or be making something tedious which generates us some unrest. And yes, the boredom or the tedium is an emotion and like emotion that is has an adaptative function.

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We live in a society programmed in which it seems that the have constant tasks seem to be the more socially accepted. It is badly seen the be without doing at all. But if we are always doing something do not leave time to stop us to think in new tasks. Besides, the technology stimulates us constantly to do things and sometimes happen us hours looking pages of Internet or the social networks covering our time, which could take advantage of to rest and desconectar although it was for one moment. This yes, everything in excess can be hurtful, since a state of aletargamiento excessive could be an indication of a problem of state of upper spirit.

The boys can bore and does not happen at all, rather on the contrary. 

Especially in our infancy, have to try leave that the boys have time for indagar by them same formulas to learn new tasks or play, to be creative and solve problems by them same without that it was all already programmed. They go out of the school, go to the activities extraescolares, collect them, bathroom, dinner, duties, a bit of television and to sleep. Where it is in all this time the personal inventiveness?

To attain that the boys are more creative it is necessary to leave them time to that discurran by himself same, for this have to leave them always the sufficient means and the resources to be able to create, but leaving that they are they same those that think the what do in his free time. They will know to do it. If we do it to him we all and give them all done the boys will be learning of automatic form and the ideal would be not educating marionettes but able people to cost  by himself same.

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10 beneficios ofl boredom. 

  1. It stimulates the creativity. How we could do new things if we already are busy doing others? Be boring boosts the inventiveness for occupying the free space. Our brain is curious by nature and if we leave it without doing at all will devise them to him to keep  active initiating imaginative processes and boosting the independence of other stimuli. It leaves to an alone boy in a room and observe it. It will look for anything to amuse . The excess of stimuli does not give foot to these creative moments. Therefore, many times to the boys likes them more the box of the toy that the own toy since the toy already contributes him solutions and stimuli whereas the box will cause him greater initiative to the creation of new games more adapted to his tastes and needs.
  2. We give a rest to our brain and it oxigenamos. When we are we bore desconectamos of the impact of the external stimuli (and interns) and give him a rest to our brain that takes advantage of for oxigenarse, take energy and reordenarse for when we need to process greater quantity of information. In fact, one of the functions to yawn is to achieve “cool” the brain so that it do not burn  our engine of thought in constant movement interconnecting neurons. In the ancient cars is like “throwing him of the air” so that no  hot the engine.
  3. It diminishes the stress. If we live constantly invaded by stimuli, deadlines, tasks for making, etc. is not of more recess our levels of cortisol, to go back to a state of balance. It is a strategy more than afrontamiento in front of the stress, leave carry by the not doing at all without that thus we concern us.
  4. It balances us emotionally. It allows us have a state of relaxation that helps us to understand us to us same and take autoconsciencia what allows to accept us better to us same with our defects and fortresses.
  5. It achieves time for one same. You centre you in you same. Thanks to being boring discover things that before did not know neither of you same. It walks, but yes I arrive him with the tongue to the tip of the nose! It did not know that Netflix had this series!
  6. It boosts the empathy. They exist some studies that ensure that the most boring situations attain that the people improve his altruistic capacities to the other, like the donations of blood, according to a study of the University of Limerick (Ireland).
  7. It motivates. It seems incongruous, but in the moment that are bored look for anything to be able to do. The boredom generates unrest and this of adaptative way does not go it to allow our brain that once reposado needs again activity and begins to descurrir plans. And if I call to that fellow that does time that do not see to see if it wants to take something? And if I order of once the shelving of the books? We go there.
  8. You listen music. You are in a jam of traffic. You bore you. You light the radio and put you music and… Surprise! You find new groups of music that like you. Sufficient profit. No only listen music, but the moments of boredom boost others like reading or write, as it has happened me to me just before writing this article. Yes, it was bored.
  9. It prepares us for the states of negative spirit. If sometime we have had micromomentos of emotional unrest ocasionados by external situations that did not like us is likely that are preparing us inconscientemente to face other situations of stress, frustration or states of spirit depresivos. It is a form to improve our capacity of resiliencia.
  10. We change. When we are doing a repetitive task, the fact to feel us bore us of his realisation promotes us to the change. If never it bored us we would be all the life doing the same.


And you, were bored when you looked for this article in Internet?

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