Emotional Intelligence

That treasure of emotional intelligence called empathy.

inteligencia emocional empatía

In Psicopico have spoken of the people with alexitimia, those that are unable to identify so much his emotions like the ones of the other; just in the another side of the scales would find  the empathy.

Sometimes it confuses  the empathy with the charm. A thing is to listen to somebody that explains us his problems and can simpatizar with her, understand him and support him even, and another distinct thing is to have the capacity to detect the emotions of the other and feel them as their own. This is the empathy.

The empathic people put  in the skin of the another. Of the same way in that sucedería in a game of poker, through some gestures or behaviours can identify what feels his speaker. And no only this, but they can know which is the cause of this emotional state. Empatizar Is literally put in the place of the another person, in his own skin. Therefore it is a well very valuable in a lot of fields of the society. It treats  to recognise emotions and also needs; to the empathic people results them much easier help to the other. It is necessary to take into account, however, that an excess of empathy can arrive us to cause stress. The empathy is very important in a community, but also is it have the capacity to be able to take some emotional distance when it was necessary.

The degree of empathy of each person is intimately related with his level of emotional intelligence. Obviously, to be able to recognise the wide spectrum of emotions that feel in the other, is logical that we are able to recognise them first in us same. To be able to help with the ones of the other, have to know how manage our emotions.

Often, and with the best of the intentions, try to help to the other saying them how face determinate situation according to our own experience. We want to share our feelings and opinions, and when it treats  of the other, are used to to have very clear what is what would do we in this same situation. But here we go back to be nice people, no necessarily empathic.

The wealth of the empathy is in that through this skill understand how thinks and feels the another, and can help him recognising no what would do we but what would do they. This capacity to put  in the place of the another until the extreme to feel determinate emotions as if they went own, is of particular use for the very common.

Every time they are more the voices that plead for the claim of the empathy like engine of social welfare. By definition, the empathy involves a “we”, no only a “I”. Find the value of one same is fundamental, as long as it manifest  in the same degree in which we value to the other. It was in a company, a country or in any type of relation, face the resolution of conflicts from the empathy, ensures us a better solution for all. After seeing the historical consequences that has the one who ones want to be more than others, has appeared a tendency to work by the very common that is growing. The empathy is the main ingredient of educational models whose good results are seeing  already in countries like Finland. The future does not speak in terms of “me more”, not even of “you and I are equal”, but of “you and I are the same”.


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