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How to give the best talk: the 3V techniques

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One of the managerial skills more amount is the capacity to turn into  a big orator. Like giving a good talk already was in front of the employees, customers or providers is one of the best bazas for the business growth through the communication. And it is that the professional success does not depend only of a technical specialisation or specific and intellectual knowledges of the person, but of a good communication with the rest of estamentos business. This is the posture defended by the model based in the emotional intelligence applied to the business management. But, how do a talk?

Strategies to give the best possible talk: The 3 V

Independently of the type of talk that want to give always will have to take into account three fundamental technicians so that dominating them all convert you and an excellent orator in front of for your audience, was what was. These technical are known like the three V, of Verbal, Visual and Vowels.

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Verbal technicians: 10 rules to improve a talk

In the verbal plane, to perfect our communication can apply the following technical or rules:

  1. Preparation of a clear message.
  2. Convert the presentation in something notable for the public.
  3. Analyse to the participants, to our audience.
  4. Highlight the main ideas.
  5. Gather evidences in support of the own opinions.
  6. Present the information of form organised.
  7. Use a visual support to favour the understanding of the verbal information.
  8. Do partícipe to the public.
  9. Establish a time of questions and answers.
  10. The organisation of the information will do  more comprehensible and more persuasiva.

Visual technicians: improve the attention of the audience

It does reference to the visual image of the person that goes to project like orator in front of his audience and no to the images that can show like visual support in his presentation. The orator has to show interesting in front of the people that attends to the conference so that his public loans him the maximum possible attention. For this can apply the following three visual rules basic:

  1. The visual contact with the listeners.
  2. The gestures made, that has to describe and reinforce the exposed ideas verbalmente.
  3. The facial expressions have to communicate feelings and attitudes.

It does not treat  so much of the personal image or the clothes of the speaker, but of the attitude that shows in front of his audience.

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Vocal technicians: the voice, the key instrument for a flawless conference

The voice is our main instrument of communication by what is fundamental for our exhibition. For this is important to take into account these three basic rules vowels:

  1. Elevate and go down the voice in function of the importance of what is saying .
  2. Change the rhythm to attract the attention of the people that listen.
  3. Do pauses to highlight the important points.

Other factors that influence in the communication during a talk

So that it produce  a correct communicative process three are the factors that go to influence in the quality or in the effectiveness of the process: coding, decoding and the noise.

  • The coding produces  when the person that sends the message (the emisor) translates the information to a series of signs. The emisor establishes a reciprocity  of meaning with the receptor, choosing the symbols, generally, in shape of words and gestures.
  • The decoding is the process whereby the receptor goes to interpret the message and goes it to translate in information with a determinate meaning. The receptor has to attract the message and afterwards interpret it.
  • The noise is the factor that alters or interferes in the process of communication. The noise can manifest  in the own channel of communication or in the method of transmission.

These three variables have to have  controlled in the measure of the possible and know them of in front of hand so that in the case to know this weakness do not take us of surprise in the middle of the conference and can solve it with guarantees.

Other factors that can influence in the communication are the relative to the no verbal appearances, as they are the movements that do  with the body, the personal presence of the communicators, the personality, the posture, the gestures, the facial expressions, the movements of the eyes and the physical contact.


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