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Trust in the family: keys to achieve it


The family is the most important group with which each person develops  from his birth until the adulthood. In a first moment is the social referent for the boys and practically the family turns into his world of learning and development of his personality. The family is a first moment imposed, since we are born with her, but later begins  to choose inside this familiar group to other a lot of components, like friendships or sentimental relations, that in a lot of occasions even substitute to the own biological family.

The climate of familiar confidence

The family, and the home in yes, is the full world of confidence in which we begin our adventure in the life and develop us afectivamente and socially. It is therefore of vital importance generate a climate of confidence between all the members that form it. The family is this strong box where save the most important, but that at the same time all the components would have to know the key of access to be able to express with the greater possible confidence.

Profits of a good climate in the family

Generate climate of familiar confidence will be of big value to favour the security of the boys that in her live with big advantages for all the familiar context:

  1. It improves the self-esteem.
  2. It improves  the development of the emotional intelligence.
  3. It generates better environment for the learning.
  4. It improves the style of apego safe and healthy.
  5. It improves the intellectual development.
  6. It ensures a better communication and resolution of problems.

How create a climate of confidence in the family?

The family is the core of the relations that interactúan between himself: parents, mothers, children, grandparents, uncles, grandchildren, nephews, friends, tutors, etc., by what is important that all they collaborate in the training of this mutual confidence between all the parts. To achieve this balance without that light  the alarms of danger in the development of the boys and girls have to take into account these appearances:

  1. Develop the communication asertiva and empathic by means of one listens active and of respect between parts. The boys have to feel important in the conversations and attended, of the contrary improves  the frustration and lack of respect.
  2. Avoid the lie. The base of the confidence is no mentir or hide some type of situation that gives us shame explain or do not know like expressing it. Hide emotions and situations, of the type that was, does not favour so that later this boy shows  also reliable with his familiar. If you hide me things, I hide you things. It is important to give confidence believing in theanother  so that the another creates in you, avoiding the no constructive criticism and showing support.
  3. Avoid the prejudices and the comparisons. Has to treat  to explain and incentivar the critical curiosity of the boys and teenage but avoiding the social prejudices. Each person is a different world with his own personality and have to understand , or treat to do it, his personal qualities. Compare and prejuiciar boosts the negative emotions like the ire, the shame or the frustration. That although it is well know them, have to understand that the boys and teenagers still are not able to dominate them and understand them like the adults, what can create irrational beliefs or more difficult of lidiar in a future.
  4. Express affection. To the people likes us feel us wanted to. I do not speak of an affection empalagoso, but timely and coherent, but learn better when we thrill us. So much for the well as for the bad.
  5. Respect the space. Although the people are social beings also need our own personal space. I do not speak only of physical space, but of personal space. It does not do fault that explain you all if he knows discernir between what does lacking to explain and what no. Has his own world to part of the familiar. It does not have to  force the situation of confidence, but leave the open door so that it can suceder.
  6. Reinforce the confidence. Yes, all what are speaking will not have effect if it does  a day yes and another no longer. It has to be a constant that believes by himself alone this loop of confidence. The people need to know that we matter him to the other and that we can trust they.

The family is with which are born, afterwards decide if it suits us or no, because a thing that have to have clear is that no all the families are equal of functional or compatible, but if we put a bit of our part can be the group of people more important of our lives together with which go incorporating along our personal growth. In fact, in the big majority of cases is it.

Iván Pico

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