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►♫ The music, the songs are a means of channeling feelings, emotions and feelings that may not otherwise be achieved express. Many are singers and bands who have written letters on psychological or socio-psychological issues, and some of them have clearly included in the name of the song itself.

We open a new section in PsicoPico, where we will upload songs related to psychology. The start with these 20 songs with psychological names, this time we’ve chosen all in English. There are more but we have to start some, we will expand gradually section.

Hopefully you like 🙂

20 songs with psychology titles.

(Change the language to Spanish for a description of the songs)

1. Psycho, Muse.

2. Where is my mind?, Pixies.

3. Anna Freud, The National.

4. Phobia, The Kinks

5. Self Esteem, The Offspring.

6. Chicago (Multiple Personality Disorder version), Sufjan Stevens.

7. Brain Damage, Pink Floyd.

8. Human Behaviour, Björk.

10. Alter Ego, Tame Impala.

11. Pavlov’s Bell, Aimee Mann

12. Under Pressure, Queen y David Bowie. 


13. Psycho Therapy, The Ramones.

14. Sex with your parents (motherfucker part II), de Lou Reed.

15. Schizophrenia, de Sonic Youth 

16. Disorder, Joy Division

17. Don’t Look Back in Anger, de Oasis. 

18. Addicted, de Amy Winehouse. 

19. Psychosocial, de Slipknot

19. Stockholm Syndrome, Muse


20. Paranoid Android, Radiohead.




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