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Physical and mental risks of teleworking

teletrabajo riesgos

The new technologies are the big allied of our generation and are facilitating the can make or change the form to do determinate  tasks that does hardly some years were practically unthinkable or very complex to make. One of these new activities is the greater possibility to make teleworking from house, without so at least approach to our place of work.

All this thanks to the big advances in the communications and technology that have allowed flexibilizar a lot of types of works. The pandemia of the coronavirus has been in this past year the main impulse so that a lot of companies decided to implant this methodology of work and that in a lot of cases seems that it has arrived to remain .

The teleworking: advantages and risks

But they are all advantages the can work from house? The companies that are keeping this type of work in spite of no longer exist restrictions in this regard it is evident that have examined the performance that his employees under these conditions exert on his economic results and in general lines seem to be a good line to optimise the results, therefore this modality of work begins  to convert part of the standard of a lot of organisations.

For the own employee brings achieve advantages to level of flexibility, labour conciliation, tranquility, avoid trips and consistently also economic saving and of time. But no all the people have the same personal conditions, neither the same context neither resources to be able to carry out an efficient teleworking, by what go to mention some of the problems that also has the fact of teletrabajar from house.

Risks on the physical health derived of the teleworking

It is evident that if we are home all the time and neither so at least exercise us a bit during the walk of way to the work the risk to suffer sedentarism. The longest way that some people make along the day is inside his small apartments. This is a factor of risk to contract cardio and brain illnesses, muscular problems and of articulations, obesity or problems gastrointestinales among others. Council: you do not forget the physical exercise.

Another of the physical problems more common, derived of the constant use of screens and the low exhibition of our sight to places further (unless we live in a mansion in the field) goes to be possible cause to suffer ocular fatigue. This visual problem, also called astenopia ocular, produces  because of a sobreesfuerzo muscular during a long period of time.

The overexposure to screens, focalizando during long our attention on them, even sometimes blinking less than the necessary, can produce symptoms in the eye like enrojecimiento, eyes llorosos, sensitivity, blurred sight or even cervical pains. Council: it follows the rule of the 20-20-20. 20 minutes of concentration of the look by the work and look to 20 feet of distance during 20 seconds, this will relieve the symptoms but without persistent sound query with a professional.

Another problem on our physical health can give if the place that use in our house to work does not have some ergonomics, of the contrary can have muscular problems derived of bad habits posturales. During the time of confinement have been more liable to work in places that before did not imagine like the sofa of the living room or even from bed. Some will miss his confortable chair of the work.

Psychological risks to work home

Splitting of the before quoted base that all the people have personal circumstances and different contexts, that will help in elder or lower measure to have a teleworking more confortable, do not have to neglect the possible psychological risks that it can involve so much to level of mental thoughts as of behaviours.

On the one hand, the solitude is not good mate. We are social beings and the isolation is for a lot of a difficult problem to digest, especially for people that live alone and were accustomed to that his social relations based  in the office, the distance to the same or the coffee of the morning.

Work only home can diminish the cohesion of the group of work and the labour satisfaction general, since in a lot of cases this is greater precisely by the healthy interpersonal relations that keep in the office.

For this, is fundamental to follow keeping some contact with the mates of work, already was con sporadic face-to-face meetings or sharing videollamadas, although many of them only are to be able to see the faces and no really like half of necessary work. Nowadays we have multiple forms of communication that relieve a bit this face-to-face deficit.

Besides, it is likely that save time thanks to teletrabajar by what is good moment to renew your social life out of the place of work.

The solitude and fault of immediate reciprocity can derive also in problems of labour stress or labour anxiety, especially in those cases in which we do not have our usual support to solve some problems that before had of easy solution from the office. We are alone in front of the danger and have to learn to handle this personal autonomy.

The organisation of the working time and his conciliation is another of the big challenges of the teleworking. This have to have it clear so many companies like workers. The fact to be home working does not have to involve work all day. A lot of people does not learn to organise of efficient way his working times because they see  entremezcladas with his personal life in such a way that it does not attain desconectar of the work of efficient way. Rest and take time for your family, friends, fans and keep a working time chord is fundamental not to fall in a labour stress that will join  to the familiar stress.

In general lines, can exert of flexible way the work or can work from house already was the complete day or partially brings achieve profits for all the parts involved, but as we see has to  to do of rational way so that it was efficient.

And to you, how it affects you the teleworking?

Iván Pico

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