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The importance of social identification for an organization

identificacion social

The social identity is the individual knowledge that a person belongs to a true social group with even some connotations thrill and of value that go joined to a feeling of belonging to said group. That company or organisation that attain a corporate social identity with his employees, customers and providers will create an image of mark and a feeling of key belonging for his development.

One of the most important variables to achieve this identity organizacional is the distintividad. In the field of the organisations knows  like distintividad to the measure in which the group of people that compose it differentiates  or stands out on the other facilitating his identification. They exist a lot of forms to achieve this aim, as it can be the strategic management of the advertising of mark, the improvement of the climate and culture organizacional or the realisation of corporate events that improve the prestige of the company or the have a corporate social responsibility appropriate.

Characteristics of the identification organizacional

The identification with a group, company or organisation is to perceive likewise as psychologically interwoven with the destination or aims of said group. The behaviours associated, the affection and emotions that arouses give  usually like consequence of this identification, although they do not form it in himself same. That is to say, make a corporate meeting with a good catering in Barcelona goes to be a good strategy to achieve wake up emotions during the juntanza common, but will not be the only that attain it. It will improve the cohesion between the parts to allow a better socialisation but has to to consolidate  with other tools of business identification.

To attain a suitable social identification has to experience  personally the success or the failure inside the group. To be able to be, more success that failure to keep the adherencia intragrupal, logically. It is necessary to try that all the parts seat  involved and responsible of errors and tarpaulins, of losses and gains.

It is important that differentiates  between social identification (I am of this organisation) of the internalización of values or personal beliefs (I think that would owe  of…). That is to say the person, customer, provider, employee or director can identify with the group organizacional but no therefore subscribe all and each one of the values of the own group. For example, it can  one feel as pertaining and identified with his team of work, club, company or even group of friendships but to his time not sharing the same political ideology.

The identification grupal is resembled the personal identification that can have  with a sportive hero, a musical artist or even a reciprocal relation as it can be husband-wife, medical-patient, musician-fan, etc. Exists a comparative relational/appearance between the parts.


Profits of a good identification organizacional

  1. All the parts will make coherent activities with his identities, by what will improve the support between organisations with the same vision and the commitment between both.
  2. It improves the training of group: internal cohesion, cooperation, altruism or a better evaluation of the group. The pride to belong to this organisation will create a more loyal alliance between the parts.
  3. It promotes the homogeneity of the attitudes and the behaviours. Although we said previously that it was necessary to differentiate between internalización of the beliefs and the social identification, the second will influence also in a greater adherencia and approximation to the beliefs of the group and his norms, what will improve even more these aims of the own group. This will be able to avoid future conflicts.
  4. The own dynamics of identification will be able to generate a feedback between all the parts that will improve the relations and all the already mentioned factors.

In definite, a good social identification of the organisation is important part to create confidence between all the agents that form an organisation was of the type that was: business, sportive or community with a common end.

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