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Why should I use a magnetic board in my exhibitions?

pizarra magnetica ventajas

When we have to expose in front of an audience is important to keep his attention and that the knowledges that want to transmit retain  the best possible. Use visual tools, like blackboards or projections, that facilitate the understanding of the explained is fundamental to consolidate the information.

The widest percentage of knowledge that assimilate like learnt proceeds of stimuli that perceive by means of the observation. Therefore, it is key piece the use of visual supports to improve the experience of learning.

That it did not be a magnetic blackboard in your class

It exists a fundamental tool for any person that devote  to the training was cual was his educational field, from the teachers of school until the sportive trainers: the magnetic blackboard.

Use a platform where can express of ours graphic way explanations is one of the most extended forms to boost the observation and therefore the greater catchment of the knowledge. Any methodology of education-learning has to consider it like basic to facilitate the exhibitions.

The visual support of a blackboard improves the retention of the information

The blackboards have gone evolving along the years in different formats, from the traditional that used the chalk like half of writing until his current digitalisation. However, the magnetic blackboards gathers several basic requirements that do them indispensable and easy to use.

7 advantages to use a magnetic blackboard

They exist a lot of others, but these are some of the most notable advantages and reasons by which use a blackboard in your explanations will be a great help for you, so much for you as for your students:

  1. It attracts the attention of the student. When heading to us the blackboard and express on her an idea or chart are stimulating to our audience to look it, and as we already said the greater part of the learning produces  by observation. It is a form to motivate to our students to attend and learn of the attended.
  2. It improves the retention of the information. While we listen we learn, but if we read it we retain it better the knowledge. More still if what expose is something practical and even more if we leave that our students do use of this tool for reinterpretar the information and go back it to reflect on her or invite them to that they reproduce it in his own notebooks taking aim. .
  3. It boosts the creativity when expressing ideas of spontaneous way. We can go creating of dynamic way to the long and width of the blackboard, what wakes up the interest of the student and his emotions.
  4. It organises the ideas. It is a form to go structuring the most notable, facilitating to our brain process all the information.
  5. It is accessible and fast to use. They exist blackboards of all the sizes and even with wheels to handle it in all type of spaces. Always we can resort to she anytime. For example, the sportive trainers always have his available tactical blackboard in the banquilla smart to give him use.
  6. Focaliza The attention grupal. All the students receive at the same time the same information and of way more objective.
  7. Can write , draw, paint and go back to erase the information the times that was necessary or modify the information those that times want .
  8. The magnetic blackboard to his time allow to plant all type of index cards or elements that adhere  to his surface to improve the understanding. Index cards that represent players, plates or any object or symbol that have a magnet.

Councils to improve an exhibition in blackboard

In addition to having all the previously quoted advantages, go to expose some practical councils to improve the communication with your audience when it touch you expose in blackboard:

  1. Establish a routine. It is important that your students, players or your audience know that you use the blackboard like tool of exhibition, inside your methodology of education-learning.
  2. Secuenciar. To the hour to write or draw on the surface has to do  of sequential way.
    1. Approach of the problem.
    2. Development.
    3. Final conclusions.
  3. Structure. Has to begin  to write from the left upper side and divide the information in the columns that was necessary. For example, if our sequence is as in the previous point do it in three columns differentiated.
  4. Not writing obvious things. The blackboard has to use  for recalcar the important and notable information. It avoids to use it to write on concepts that already know .
  5. Use capital letters: legibilidad. It tries to use the capital letters to facilitate the reading and make the charts of the most readable way possible. With the practice will improve. Take into account that what you are writing or drawing you already know it but your students no and will have to interpret it properly. With which do not think that do it well is a loss of time because it will improve his understanding and in the long run win all: students and professors.
  6. Check his understanding. It tries to know if your students understand what goes out on the blackboard, already was with direct questions or simply observing to your class.
  7. Use another type of stimuli. On a blackboard can plant  all type of objects that facilitate the understanding, already was a posit  that recalque a determinate information or different colours that stimulate visualmente to the student.
  8. Light well. Already it was in a room or any another place, loans attention to the possible reflections that can be  giving on the blackboard. For this can give you a turn by your classroom to check that it reads  well from different angles.
  9. Erase and pausar. It uses this moment like pause during the explanation to give time to assimilate the concepts. In this appearance, uses the technician of the columns to go erasing of progressive way the most ancient information so that to all the world have given him time to understand it or reproduce it in his own aim.
  10. Not speaking while you write if you are not looking to the students. So that the communication was more fluent and efficient have to speak while we look to the audience so that they attract better what are saying. It uses the technician of the 3 V to make your best talk, loans verbal attention, visual and vowel. For this is fundamental to observe to our audience or at least they can observe us to us at all times. Therefore, if you have to write in the blackboard and speak at the same time that it was of lateral way so that they see you while they do it or if this do not have it dominated is better to expect to speak when you finish to write and explain the written after having it reflected on the blackboard.




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