Would you say everything you say on the Internet to your face?

decir a la cara y no por internet

Behind a screen all are very brave. The desinhibición social on-line that produces  in Internet gives us wings in a lot of occasions to show the most extreme face of our personality. So much for well as for bad. Although our small inner devil takes advantage of  in occasions of this situation of protection when we do not have in front to the person that receives our messages.

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You would say all what say in internet to the face?

In the social network magnify  the insults that in an expensive communication to face would be unthinkable against people that in occasions neither know. Already it predicted it the famous experiment of Milgran on the obedience and the justification of the violence of people apparently normal. The network turns into the niche of odiadores that abuse, loom and despises to all class of people, being the ones of greater popularity focus of his attention, to attain the maximum social repercussion of his followers.

The anonymity and the effect drag that it produces  in the social networks consegue a social validation that seems in occasions to relieve the need of action-reaction and seems even that with some pleasure for hurting to the other or regocijándose of the extraneous errors. To this last calls him  Effect Schadenfreude and can know more on him in east another article.

In the normal interpersonal communication exist crowd of corporal blockers that guide us to the hour to express us with the another person and brake us in the case to exceed some limits. This no sucede in Internet. Therefore, the use of emoticones, or expressions written that they explain better the emotion that are trying to express with our message facilitates our efficient communication.

You can see here the interview for The Voice of Galicia in which I participate  like expert giving my professional vision on this type of behaviours in Internet.

Besides, also you can see in this another link my participation in the documentary of Documents TV, ‘When the Network is not Social‘. Where during near of a diverse hour experts, between which include me, and affected explain the dangers of the social network when it turns into a place where deploy the hate without control.

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