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Psychological benefits of traveling.

beneficios de viajar

Travel. To all the world likes him travel. And no me odd. If it was not the economic problem and of time, everything would be profits. These are some of the psychological profits to travel.

  1. The pleasant effect to schedule the trip. The anticipation to the facts already is used to to unchain pleasure in the brain. This no only sucede with travelling, but with the majority of behaviours reforzantes. Besides, this small anxiety that generate before a trip, this nervousness of before going up to the aeroplane, check that you carry everything, this day that lost by you the streets of Tokyo, these small things will do you go up a bit your adrenaline. It remembers that no all the anxiety is negative.
  2. It improves the capacity of empatizar and communicate. The fact to relate us with different people increases our communicative capacity, overcoat when the language is an obstacle. We see us “forced” to understand better to the others people by his expressions or emotional states that suplantarán the deficit in the understanding of the language. Besides, travelling will know people and is not of more expand your network, although it was of Linkedin.
  3. It improves the capacity of resolution of problems. It seems obvious, but go out of where have all fact and smart will force us to give solution to problems that if we are seeing the television all day will not have.
  4. Reiniciamos Of the stress accumulated. Travel allows us turn off our usual computer, configured under the parameters of the daily, estresada and hot (like a CPU when it is overloaded) to light other different mechanisms.
  5. It improves your state of spirit. It does you happier. This basically sucede because when trips, in general, do it because it is an activity that likes you and will enjoy of her with which are giving you a prize (positive reinforcement). You deserve it to you and improvements been of spirit and our emotional energy. By the contrary, exist people that travel forced and the effect is the contrary: they live an ordeal during his stay.
  6. It reduces the fear and the insecurity. This explain it better in east another article: The fear to the unknown and the perccionismo inmovilizante.
  7. It helps us to see us from another perspective. Many times we need to go out of our habitat for autoconocernos and replantearnos the life. It is like going out of our own body and see us as if of a third person treated us. This is what really want to be? If you are always in the same place, this question will be always answered of the same way.
  8. You learn. Yes, in general. It is impossible not going back of a trip without having learnt something, by very small that it was. Our brain needs motivation to learn, travel will move your neurons and these will be afterwards more prepared for future learnings.
  9. It reduces the probabilities of an attack to the heart. Or this says this study.
  10. It improves your skills of economic management. Yes, every time that do a trip pose you a budget, with his respective costs, look the improvements offer, save for the trip, consult hotels, transport, etc. The same will have to apply in your day in day out (unless you are millionaire, that also). Now you will think that this is not a psychological variable, but, acaso do not seat you better if you are able to save a bit of money to spend it in a trip?
  11. It improves the work in the team and the skills of planning. Unless you are the typical that makes all the trip and carries to his colleagues of perritos falderos there where go, because you have scheduled it. If this is your case, delete the of work in team and remain you only with that improves your habiliadades of planning.

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And for you, what supposes to travel?

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