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Main methods to reduce anxiety in dreams

Falls the night and have to go you to sleep. You carry all day working and seems that at last it arrives the moment to rest and take strengths for the following day. However, by your head begin to happen  crowd of thoughts in loop. Thoughts that during the day seemed to be unseen go out to relucir at least want that suceda, before sleeping. Perhaps you suffer of nocturnal anxiety.

The anxiety is basically an irrational worry by future facts, a fear to something that do not know if sucederá or no. This creates us mental uncertainty and emotional unsteadiness that does not allow us conciliate the dream and rest properly. Even it can give place to  that although we achieve to sleep, our dreams have a content highly estresante and wake up us with feeling of mental fatigue in the morning since we do not attain desconectar of our worries, that in the cases of anxiety are used to to be irrational. To anybody likes him have fear without need.

Methods to reduce the anxiety during the dream.

The most efficient method to calm our anxiety before sleeping is to keep a good hygiene of the dream, but before making these changes in our routine before going us to sleep is even more important to try detect the problem root of our anxiety. That is to say, do an exercise of autoconsciencia and delimit the problem the maximum possible: it is because of labour problems, of couple, familiar, of health? Besides, this nocturnal anxiety can be part of a greater problem related with a disorder of anxiety generalised. These are some of the methods that can help you to reduce or warn the nocturnal anxiety or during the dream:

  1. Look for professional help. 

The anxiety is a problem that does not have to be neglected by what attend to a professional, skilled psychologist, will help you to take consciousness of the problem, detect it, delimit it and begin to handle tools for lidiar with our worries.

  1. Diet. 

Avoid eat in excess before sleeping, especially if they are rich foods in fats, azucarados, salty or spicy. Eat properly during the day to avoid be hungry during the night and dine early and no just before throwing  to sleep. Not consuming stimulating foods before sleeping like the coffee and not consuming alcohol.

  1. Take natural supplements. 

Related with what eat, and always under the supervision of a nutricionista professional can complement our diet with supplements against the anxiety. A complement vitamínico appropriate can help us to combat our situations of stress with which also to improve our states of nocturnal anxiety.

  1. It takes advantage of the solar light. 

If you are of which spend the whole day under the light of the office, proof to take advantage of the time that can the natural solar light to regulate the rhythms circadianos. Our organism needs of some form cunado is of day and when it is of night. If it always thinks that it is of night our rhythms circadianos can see altered and with this generate anxiety to sleep to the not giving conciliated the dream of natural way.

  1. It sees to the bed when you go to sleep.

It creates patterns to sleep and only sees to the bed when really you go to close the eyes to sleep. If we use the bed to see a series, read in excess or worse still, work, are saying him to our brain that that is not the place of rest but of work. Besides, if you are seeing the television, the movil or the tablet his illumination will act also like a stimulating and our eyes what need is to adapt to the darkness, no to the light. It is important also that the hour to sleep was always roughly the same every day.

  1. Raise you of the bed if you do not give slept.

If you do not give conciliated the dream because your thoughts are going back  rumiativos and begin to give turns in bed, the best that can do is to raise you of the same and make another activity during 20-30 minutes for desconectar. It sees to the living room and there yes can put you a series, film, read or the activity.

  1. You do not make excessive exercise before sleeping. 

The exercise acts like stimulating natural, by what make it of excessive form before sleeping will keep us sobreactivado. If you go to make exercise that was at least 2-3 hours before the moment to go to sleep.

  1. Exercises of relaxation.

A very effective technician is to make exercises of relaxation or breath before sleeping to try carry to the organism to a state of tranquility and self-supervision. You can test with technicians like the progressive muscular relaxation of Jacobson, training autógeno of Schultz or with exercises of diaphragmatic breath. As always, query to a specialist to learn to use all these technicians previously.

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