8 practical tips to quit smoking

consejos dejar fumar

The next 31 May celebrates  the World-wide Day Without Tobacco and can be a good date to begin a free life of smokes for you and for yours. The tobacco kills to more than 7 million people every year. Although the figures of smokers are reducing , do not do it to sufficient rhythm according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). According to a recent study of this organisation, in the year 2000 smoked 27% of the world-wide population and in the year 2016 the figure situated  in 20%. Smoke no longer is fashionable. Join you to the club of the no smokers.

Attain quit smoking turns into a difficult task for a lot of people that in spite of wanting to do it are unable by himself same to attain it or do not know how quit smoking. The ideal in these cases is to consult with a specialist, one for real, an expert psychologist would be the best option. If you are thinking in quiting smoking or know to somebody that would like you that it left to do it leave you some practical councils to know at least some general guidelines.

8 Councils to quit smoking. 

Before beginning, fits to mention that quit smoking only has profits for our health and personal welfare. Not smoking equivale to have less risk to suffer illnesses of the type cancer, cardiac illnesses, accidents cerebrovasculares, respiratory illnesses and a long etcetera. You will notice like improvement the breath and even like the skin rejuvenates .

The direct profits on our health incumben also in profits for our near people, that like passive smokers, will benefit  of this also. Besides, not smoking comports economic profits, reduces the anxiety, allows us have more time for other activities and will improve our perception of the smell among others a lot of positive appearances for our lives. All profits so we begin with the councils.

  1. It schedules. Put you a date to quit smoking. Speech with your family, friends or couple and communicates your intention to quit smoking from a concrete date. These people will serve like stimulus to fulfil it. You do not put you excuses or justify you to the hour to schedule the day that go to quit smoking.
  2. It anticipates the consequences. It takes consciousness that quit smoking will involve in a principle uncomfortable feelings produced by the symptoms of abstinence that can generates irritability, slight depression anxiety or even difficulty for concentrated or think. The day that quit smoking schedules an activity that keep you occupied even can test to have something in the hand like a pen, chew chewing gum or go to some place where was not allowed to smoke (to the cinema for example).
  3. Speech with a specialist. It can be with an expert psychologist or with the doctor of cabecera or even with the chemist that can serve of guide to initiate the process.
  4. It changes the routine. You need to distract you of the impulses that carry you to smoke. It makes a list of activities that can make in place to be smoking. Recover old hobbies or initiate a new activity can be a great help to keep to the brain “deceived”. It makes exercise and mantente active. Besides, make activities reconfortantes frees dopamine in our brain, that is the same neurotransmitter that  free when it smokes , but of unnatural way, by what will reduce the need to smoke to the already have these competitions purchased of natural form.
  5. You do not smoke more. Claro! What easy say it! As it is like this. It does not serve of at all that it smoke  a cigarette or smoke  less, the relapse will be imminent. Once that decide to leave it takes consciousness that has to be for ever. For this, deletes of your environment all that that can do you recaer, packages of the car, of the work, of the drawer disaster, lighters, etc. And if have for example some mate of work that goes out to smoke, tries to go out to do your rest in another moment. At least until you have surpassed the critical phase.
  6. It drinks a lot of liquids. And with liquids do not refer me to alcohol, tries to avoid the alcohol but drinks at least 1,5 litres of water to the day.
  7. It takes care the feeding. It tries to avoid foods copiosas. A lot of people fattens once that quits smoking, because it substitutes the antojo of the nicotine with the food. Has to avoid  and have a suitable plan, anticipate to this situation to avoid fatten without need.
  8. Remember you every day that you do not go to smoke. Raise you in the morning with this thought. Today I do not think to smoke! Repeat it to you and reinforce you by each day that achieve not smoking. It remembers that quit smoking will be a proof of strength of will and automotivación.

How it improves my health after quiting smoking?

From the same moment that quits smoking  the last cigarette begin  to notice the profits on the health, such as:

  • After 20 minutes, diminish the cardiac frequency and the arterial pressure
  • After 12 hours, normalise  the levels of monoxide of carbon of the blood.
  • After 3 months, improves the circulation and the pulmonary function.
  • After 9 months, improves the breath and will notice that coughs less.
  • After 1 year without smoking, drop to the half the risk of coronary cardiac illness.
  • After 5 years, reduces  to the half the risk of cancer in the mouth, throat, oesophagus and bladder.
  • After 10 years, reduces  to the half of probabilities to die of cancer of lung, cancer of laringe or pancreas.
  • After 15 years, equalises  the risk of suffers a coronary illness with the people that do not smoke.

To which waits to initiate the change?


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