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30 psychological series that every psychologist or future psychologist should see.

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The psychology, and the human mind, is one of the plots preferred of the directors to create histories around the mysterious world of the human behaviour. We live in the era of the series of television. They have turned into ours big allied to fill up our time of leisure and keep us in vilo waiting for this new chapter that keeps us intrigado.

Some narrate histories on psychologists and his customers, others centre  in the mental disorders of his characters and many of them base  in the most social contexts of the human behaviour and as it can affect to our lives. Another of the favourite genders of the psychological series are the oriented to the criminology and the forensic psychology in search of the murderous and the reason of his crimes.

30 psychological series.

As big consumer of series have made a listing with 30 psychological series in which the psychology, neuroscience or the study of the mind and the brain form central part of the plot. Some of them already have been analysed in this web page, by what recommend the reading of his articles, others of them have seen them whole, others am in process and some although it have not seen them still deserve to be in this listing.

It is not a ranking orderly of better to worse but incorporates a personal assessment of those that have seen and an assessment according to IMDb to do  an idea of the level of the series. We begin.

  1. The Alienist.

This series moves us to the New York of finals of the 19th century. In this period to the people that suffered a mental disorder said them  that they were alienated of his own nature, by what to the experts that studied them called them alienistas. Laszlo Kreizler (Interpreted by Daniel Brühl) is the alienista that will treat to find beside his team to the murderous in series of boys and discover cuales are the motivations that have carried it to commit so hideous crimes. They are the starts of the criminology and the study of the mind to resolve cases that the conventional police investigations did not arrive to understand.

  • Platform: Netflix.
  • Personal assessment (1-10): 9

  1. 13 Reasons Why.

This series that has premièred recently the second season versa on the problems that carried to a teenage youngster until the suicide. This series has been at length analysed in east another article, of the cual recommend his reading: Analysis of ’13 Reasons Why’ (By 13 Reasons) with a bit of psychology”.


  • Platform: Netflix.
  • Personal assessment (1-10): 8.7

  1. The End of the F *** ing World

This series is of which sees  quickly since his first season only consists of 8 chapters of 20 minutes of length by what more than a series could turn into a film of long length fragmentada since in less than 3 hours can see it whole (that it is what did I).

It narrates the history of James, a youngster with tendencies psychopaths that treats to resolve his mental needs planning like killing to a person, until it knows to Alyssa, a rebellious youngster, with perhaps some disorder of the personality related with an infancy frustrated, that will treat to resolve with the help of James. This to his time his time plans like killing it to her, or no, while the plot twist  with an unexpected event with also high psychological content.

  • Platform: Netflix.
  • Personal assessment (1-10): 7.8

  1. Westworld.

This series of HBO explains the history of an advanced thematic park that re-creates the old west inhabited by the hosts, some robots humanoides created to image and similarity of the humans that receive to the invited to the park that go to him in search of adventures and cover needs that in the real life would be impossible to make.

Definitely, see as they create the personalities of the robots is of big interest for any lover of the psychology. Besides, analyse like the invited to the park comport  in an unreal world in which they can give loose rein to the most basic instincts questions our human behaviour and our behaviours in situations limits. Westworld Already is by his second season.

In this series do reference to an article written in this web: A brain in the Chapel Sixtina.

  • Platform: HBO.
  • Personal assessment (1-10): 9

  1. Mindhunter

If they like you the histories of murderers in series this is your series. Based in real facts, acclimatises  in the years 1970 two agents of the FBI begin to build profiles psicólogicos of criminal in the starts of the Unit of Analysis of the Behaviour of the FBI. The agent Ford and the agent Tench will interview to crowd of murderers to try comprise what is what has carried them to commit his crimes.

  • Platform: Netflix.
  • Personal assessment (1-10): 9.5 (first season).

  1. Atypical.

Another of the series that already have analysed  widely in this web: ‘Atypical’: analysis of a series on the disorder of autistic spectrum (TEA). It narrates the life of a youngster diagnosed with Disorder of Autistic Spectrum and like this situation affects to his family and to his interpersonal relations.

  • Platform: Netflix.
  • Personal assessment (1-10): 8

  1. Sense 8.

You imagine you that your mind is interwoven with the ones of other people and that you can feel the same that they feel? Well, the series goes basically of this. Clústers Of people that share emotions from diverse places of the world and that tries to know what happens them to what seems a new step in the human evolution, the homo sensorium.

  • Platform: Netflix.
  • Personal assessment (1-10): 8.5

  1. Dexter.

A classical already of the series that during his 8 seasons explained the adventures of a forensic youngster with personality murderous psychopath that learns to lidiar his need of blood looking for victims that have committed crimines or other murderers in series to “clean” the city at the same time that relieves his ill need to kill.

In the series, to part of the problem of infancy of Dexter Morgan also exist diverse intrahistorias with conflicts of psychological type that do of Dexter one of the big series of our recent period. Indispensable.

  • Platform: Netlix.
  • Personal assessment (1-10): 9.3

  1. Black Mirror.

Each chapter of Black Mirror is independent of the previous and to his time joins them a same social criticism to the limits of the human behaviour in future universes distópicos that put to our society in go in said. Each chapter is a work that will do you will approach to worlds perhaps no so far putting you in different human situations that surely do you feel you identified. Necessary.

  • Platform: Netlix.
  • Personal assessment (1-10): 9.5

  1. Big Mouth.

This series of animation is a true demonstration of how lidiar with the sexual education in the adolescence. Also analysed already at length in this web in this another articulate: ‘Big Mouth’, analysis of a series on the revolution hormonal. 

In the series narrate  all type of problematic teenagers and subjects tabú.

  • Platform: Netlix.
  • Personal assessment (1-10): 9.2

  1. The Sinner.

Jessica Biel interprets to Cora Tanneti a youngster that a good day without more mediate apuñala to an odd of unaware form without knowing  the reason neither the cause, as if it was conditioned by something in his mind that she same desconoce. During the series  desvelan the violent secrets that carried it to commit this behaviour. Once again the human behaviour is impredecible.

  • Platform: Netlix.
  • Personal assessment (1-10): 8.2

  1. Masters of Sex.

If you are student of psychology or already psychologist has to sound you the name of William Masters and of Virginia Johnson. This gynaecologist and psychologist were pioneering in the study of the human sexual behaviour around the middle of the years 60, which supposed a revolution for the period because of his controversial methods that looked for to explain the stages of the human sexual answer: wish, excitation, plateau, orgamos and resolution. As the series goes basically of this and of the own relations between the characters, all they linked to the studies that make.

  • Platform: Movistar+
  • Personal assessment (1-10): 8.2

  1. Dark.

Dark Is a psychological thriller German of fiction that keeps to the viewer in vilo during all the series in search to discover a secret that punishes to a village with mysterious disappearances that put the to the limit the interpersonal relations between the leading families in the present, happened and future. During the series exposes  to the protagonists between what supposes the good and the bad. Again more the human behaviour can be well or bad in function of the context and the true meaning of the fear in the people. We could say that it is a species of Stranger Things to the European.

>> Article related: Obedience and maliciousness: the experiment of Milgram.

  • Platform: Netflix
  • Personal assessment (1-10): 8.6

  1. Altered Carbon.

In the 25th century the technology already allows traspasar the mind of the people to other bodies by what the concept of death is relative. How it influences the change of physical state to our personality? It will be able to some day conserved our consciousness? Altered Carbon Is a futuristic series in which in base these changes of “found” produces  a conspiracy in which if you are not attentive to the series will not know in which moment is each character, when varying the body but no the personality.

  • Platform: Netflix
  • Personal assessment (1-10): 7

  1. House Of Cards.

The art of the manipulation in all his slopes: can, media, personal relations, etc. Definitely, House Of Cards is one of these series that covers a big cast of worthy personalities to analyse. All a class of social psychology to high scale.

  • Platform: Netflix
  • Personal assessment (1-10): 9

  1. Gypsy.

Naomi Watts interprets to the psychologist Jean Holloway that involves  in the cases of his patients until limits insospechados with such to resolve his problems.

  • Platform: Netflix
  • Personal assessment (1-10): 6.2

  1. House.

The mythical series of the Doctor House has to be in this listing by the big quantity of content of psychological profile of the series. From the complexity of the personality of the leading until the cases of the patients that in his big majority have a mental component or neurológico very important. It treats  directly with patients with mental disorders bass and even the own leading suffer them (addiction, depression, anxiety, disorders of the personality…).

For example, in this web speak already on the Syndrome of Korsakoff, derived of the excessive consumption of alcohol and that it is treated in one of the chapters of the series.

  • Platform: Netflix
  • Personal assessment (1-10): 9.2

  1. Web Therapy.

The psychologist Fiona Wallice makes a new on-line therapy of alone 3 minutes of length by means of videoconference, suited that they are sufficient to attain a change in his customers in place of the traditional 50-60 minutes of session. Serious of humorous cut starred by Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe in Friends), that looks for more the comedy that deepen in the therapy, but definitely a good example that the psychology is a thematic very resorted by the directors of series.

In fact, in Spain has done  recently an adaptation of name homónimo.

  • Platform: Showtime, Movistar+ (Spanish version).
  • Personal assessment (1-10): 6

  1. Breaking Bad.

We go to put to this top series inside this ranking of series on psychology by the complexity of the personality of his protagonist, Walter White and of until where can arrive the limits of the human mind and the ambition, although it was with a good purpose. I think that there are people that dares to call him “Syndrome Breaking Bad” to those behaviours anormativos, antisocial or even antisocial that make the people although they are with a relatively ethical bottom. As it is the case of professor White, that in front of his illness decide to make money to be able to help to his family before his death. It is one of the best series of the history. You are or no psychologist have to see it.

  • Platform: Showtime, Movistar+ (Spanish version).
  • Personal assessment (1-10): 9.6

  1. Criminal minds (Criminal Minds)

Another classical of the police series that from 2005 bring us chapters with plots in which a team of the FBI studies the psychological profile of the criminal. Each one of the agents is a scholar in his speciality and together achieve to go in in the mind of the criminal until giving with him.  Another series more in which it relates  directly the psychology with the resolution of crimes. It deserves to be in the list.

  • Platform: Mitele
  • Personal assessment (1-10): 6.7

  1. In Therapy (In Treatment).

His title does not deceive. It narrates the queries of the psicoanalista Paul Weston which to his time also attends to therapy. Because the psychologists also go to the psychologist.

  • Platform: HBO
  • Assessment IMDb (1-10): 8.3

  1. Therapy of Crash (Necessary Roughness).

Turn for the sportive psychology. The series explains like a psychologist helps to a team of American football to surpass the personal problems of his players turning into a very requested therapist, which has to lidiar with his own life.

  • Platform: it Uses Network, Comopolitan
  • Assessment IMDb (1-10): 7


  1. The House of Paper (Money Heist)

This Spanish series has like stage a rob with hostages committed by eight thieves in Marries it to it of the Coin of Spain. A criminal mind that tries to manipulate to the police to achieve his aims. How they will comport  the hostages in front of this situation limit?

  • Platform: Netflix, Atresmedia
  • Assessment IMDb (1-10): 8.7

  1. Psi (Ps!)

Carlo Antonini is a psychologist, psychiatrist and psiconanalista that works in Sao Paulo in Brazil. The histories of his patients combined with his works investigating crimes form another series more in which the protagonist is a psychologist.

  • Platform: HBO
  • Assessment IMDb (1-10): 8.2


  1. Hannibal

Again we speak of criminology. The agent of the FBI Will Graham has an innate capacity for empatizar with the psychopaths but when the cases are too complex to understand resort to the psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter (sounds you?) That to his time also goes to the psychiatrist.

  • Platform: Netflix
  • Assessment IMDb (1-10): 8.6

  1. Perception

The perception is one of my favourite subjects. This series is starred by the neuropsicólogo Dr. Daniel Pierce which has schizophrenia paranoide and help to the FBI to resolve cases. The most interesting of the series is that each chapter initiates  with a class of the professor explaining concepts of the mind and the human perception that turn into the thread of all the chapter. When they explain  the better things.

  • Platform: Atresmedia
  • Assessment IMDb (1-10): 7.5

  1. Mental (Minds in Shock)

This series is on a department of mental health American in which a young psychiatrist has the capacity to enter  in the mind of his patients by what experiences his feelings and accompanies them of treatments a so much different. In Colombia did a version of the series called Minds in Shock.

  • Platform: Fox
  • Assessment IMDb (1-10): 7.1

  1. Gravity

This series doubted in putting it in the listing since only they have published  6 episodes before his cancellation. It explains the histories of a group of suicidal youngsters in treatment.

  • Platform: Starz
  • Assessment IMDb (1-10): 6.7
  1. The Last Man on Earth.

To go finalising the listing, a bit of humour. You imagine you remain you only in the world? Our habits and behaviours adapt  to the context and to the interpersonal relations. What would happen if they lose ? The series explains the life of the only surviving to a global massacre, Phill Miller, that learns to live in the more rotunda solitude until it begins to find new surviving. Psychology do not know, but laughs sure.

  • Platform: Fox
  • Assessment IMDb (1-10): 7.4

  1. Frasier

To finish the listing that better that do it with a classical series by excellence, Frasier. This comedy from among 1993 and 2004 and with eleven seasons to his backs is a classical of the sitcom. It explains the life of the psychiatrist Dr. Frasier Crane and is a spin-off  of the famous series Cheers in which it also went out this character.

  • Platform: Paramount
  • Assessment IMDb (1-10): 8

They exist other a lot of series that could fit, even Spanish as ‘The Pecera of Eva’ that narrates the life of a psychologist or ‘Kill to the father’, recently premièred with interesting psychological profiles. In reality, any series or film incorporates levels of psychological analysis because the human behaviour is it everything and in the series narrates  the life of the people and like his behaviours unchain the events.

The consumption of series of television has shot  in the last years thanks to expansion of the platforms streaming like Netlix, HBO, Amazon or rest of chains of television that have seen  forced to adapt his productions to the new type of viewer. The series of television no longer only see  in the TV to an hour determines but in any device and to any hour, how and when you apetezca, and besides to affordable prices.

With which series would expand the list? Share it in comments.


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