Best techniques to enjoy female sexuality

masturbación femenina tecnicas

The people do not come with a manual of instructions further of the own DNA of our genes, but would help us to understand better how works our body. Especially  when we speak of sexual health and of autosatisfacción sexual. Yes, we go to speak of sexuality. More specifically of technicians to improve the sexual satisfaction and feminine masturbation already was in solitary, in couple or with the help of some artilugio erótico like the Chinese balls or the vibrators.

They are multiple the options that have to give us pleasure and in passing improve our health. Between the profits so much of the masturbation in solitary as in company finds  the natural release of neurotransmisores, improves the states of anxiety and relaxes, mitigates the pain menstrual, improves the autoconfianza sexual and other sexual problems, improves the immunological answer general or even strengthens the pelvic floor, among others.

The best sexual experience analysed by the science

Now that know that a satisfactory sexual experience is good for our health think in how the women can improve these intimate sexual moments (or accompanied) to the maximum. And I do not go it to say I, but the science. A recent study published this same of April of the 2021 in the magazine Plos One, made by the expert Devon J.  Hensel Of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Indiana and Christiana von Hippel , scientist of OMGYES, has informed on the best technical of feminine masturbation to improve the sexual pleasure.

The study made a wide survey on 3.000 American women from among 18 and 93 years to achieve know more on the relative experiences to the sexual game of each one of them to elaborate later a wide report. For his preparation added  another sample of 1.000 women participants that described his feelings regarding the sexual pleasure and the touch to know better the postures preferred to improve the penetration, the orgasm and the enjoy sexual in general.

Better technical to obtain sexual pleasure: Fish, Swing, Descent and Pairing

Of these results launched  the conclusion that they are four the most satisfactory technicians during the experience of the penetration (with penis, fingers, sexual toys, etc.).

  1. Fish or Angling. This technician was the technician with better results according to the respondents with 88% of elections. It treats  to adjust  the maximum possible to the zone where the penis or toy is rubbing in this moment, already was rotando the pelvis or moving and going down the hips.
  2. Pairing or Pairing. The second technical elected, with a total of 84% of the women polled that mentioned to improve his experience, consists in that the own woman, in solitary during the masturbation, or his couple, reaches the clítoris with a finger or a toy at the same time that it penetrates  the vagina.
  3. I swing or Rocking. This technician, supported by 76% of the women, consists in treating that the base of the penis or the sexual toy rub against the clítoris during the penetration of constant way, remaining entirely inside the vagina in place to push it to inside.
  4. Descent or Shallowing: Finally, and no less important, since 70% of the women endorse it is the technical is to touch just inside the entrance of the vagina, no in the outside but neither very inside with the tip of the finger or a sexual toy or with the lips or tongue of the couple.

Other variables to take into account to improve the feminine masturbation

The previous technicians can use  so much to improve the sexual relations in solitary as in company, but are not the only, but those that better results give according to the study mentioned.  Each person is a world and the imagination and creativity will be a big allied of the woman to have a satisfactory masturbation.

To attain it, has to take into account other variables as they are:

  • The form to use the fingers (and the quantity). The correct stimulation of the point G and the point Or.
  • The suitable pressure on the clítoris and vagina.
  • The contraction of the pelvic muscles.
  • The sense of the movement of the fingers (circulate or no).
  • The excitation of other zones erógenas like the nipples.
  • The utilisation of mirrors to know better the body.
  • The capacity to perceive the feelings that go  feeling.

Alternate options can be a good council to have a personal sexual life satisfactory. You begin today?


Hensel, D.J., Von Hippel , C.D., Lapage, C.C., Perkins, R.H. (2021). Women’s techniques for making Vaginal penetration dwell pleasurable: Results from to nationally representative study of adult women in the United States. PLOS ONE

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