High score and sport: how they affect motivation.

Goleadas y deporte como afectan a la motivación

How avoid the goleadas in the sport, is one of the subjects of discussion with more controversy inside the sportive clubs, federations and collective organisers of competitions already are of football, futsal, basketball, balomano or the sport that was. It is a delicate subject that affects especially when the results produce  in inferior categories, opening a wide debate on the consequences on the training and progression of the players involved as much as for the team that receives the goleada as for which fits it. But, how it affects really to the boys these results been bulky?

The opinions are diverse but in the majority of the cases the effects of the goleada are maximizados and mediatizados by external agents: means of press, parents and mothers of the players, trainers, etc. Centres  the importance in the result when in what it has to  to centre is in what really sucedió during the party, in the game in himself. That is to say, could have  won of goleada perfectly having fulfilled both teams the marked aims by his trainers independently of the result. However, always there will be somebody that take him out tip to everything.

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Said of another form, the boy what wants really is to play and the problem produces  when to a party gives him  more importance to a cause extrínseca (the result) on the intrinsic importance of the own participation in the game and the learning.  It is a formative stage and the results are the consequence of the learning and no the other way around. Something are doing badly if to what are giving him importance mediática is to the real result when what it would be necessary to analyse is how produced  this result inside the terrain of game and as it influences in the motivation of the players.

In search of the optimum experience.

I have seen parties that finish in goleadas in which the team that receives it is equally enjoying of the game and learning inside his capacities. And the same of the team that finishes winning. In psychology to this calls him  have an optimum experience. 

The optimum experience attains  when they are in harmony:

  1. The contents of the personal consciousness. That answer to the question of why do sport? In the example of the sportive practice would be to achieve fulfil the aims that carried to the sportive practice: play, learn, socializar, etc.
  2. You put them “self” of the person. That is to say, the personal internal aims: satisfaction, happiness and enjoy of the sportive practice.
  3. The aims of sportive learning. With this refer us to fulfil the sportive contents fixed already are driving, control-pass, tactical appearances or any another type of content that require improvement.

If they fulfil  these aims has showed  that the sportsmen that make activities that did not suppose a big external recognition (result, money…) They reported intrinsic rewards by the simple fact of the effort for achieving his put personal. I do not say it I, say it the investigations of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (1975, 78, 79) one of the maximum exponents in psychology that has investigated on intrinsic motivation.

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Therefore, to achieve an intrinsic motivation needs  that the characteristics of the task made provide feelings of competition and self-determination and that satisfy personal needs such as the efficiency, the curiosity so that they provide a causación personal. That is to say it has to  achieve that the players are the causal agents of the own behaviour independently of the reward extrínseca (result).

It awards  therefore a structural meaning to the fact that make the activity in himself same is the end (play), when it diverts  this put to an external result begin the motivational problems. If they do not fulfil  these points and does not achieve  the optimum experience and on have you goleado (or have goleado) is when something is not working well.

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It speaks  that the boys can frustrate if they receive goleadas and abandon the sport but only will be like this if it has not worked  properly the intrinsic reasons previously explained. In fact, in a lot of occasions the frustration produces  precisely because the external agents give him too value to the result (parents, trainers, media…), by what really is frustrating to the boy is the not attaining one put maximizada by external factors. The abandonment therefore is not so much by the result but by the forms. Here it resides the importance to manage a good feedback with our players and know communicate and reinforce properly.

The goals are a positive reinforcement (if they mark ) or negative (if they fit ) but exist other variables that have to surpass the value of the incentive of the goal so that it follow  practising the sport of causal form.

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How avoid goleadas?

It does not treat  to avoid the goleadas but to achieve that the boy learn in each party and situation, a defeat can improve even his levels of resiliencia if it is very managed and can not neither put them the too easy things, a part of the motivation is the superación of challenges.

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