8 Ways You Can Beat Stress at Work

The workplace has gone under unprecedented changes in the past year. We have never experienced the economy shutting down and had to send white-collar workers to work from home. Many workers are now slowly going back into a traditional office environment and dealing with the stress associated with this drastic change. We are going to discuss eight ways you can beat stress at work, whether you are struggling with working remotely or going back into a stressful office environment. 

Our methods to beat stress at work range from making significant lifestyle changes to taking a few moments to reflect on your mental health. We also include using cannabidiol in CBD pills, edibles, and sublingual oil to complement other healthy habits. 


Stress at Work


Numerous external events can cause stress at work. Many things are entirely out of our hands, from an emerging deadline to an unruly coworker, creating stress. While we can’t control many of them, you can choose to take a well-thought-out plan to deal with stress. 

All of the ways to beat stress we cover may or may not fit your current situation, but if you adopt two or three, we guarantee you will see changes in your quality of work life. 


Eight Ways to Lower Stress at Work


Adding just one of these methods to your life may not get the change you are looking for. Instead, we recommend adopting the first few lifestyle changes on our list before making serious moves like looking for a new job.   

  • Change Your Diet


If you are eating unhealthy and not consuming sufficient fruits and vegetables, start here. Your diet choices will affect every aspect of your life, including work and how you sleep. 

  • Make Time to Exercise at Least 3 Times Per Week


Exercise has been scientifically proven to lower stress. A healthy lifestyle will dramatically help lower stress levels at the workplace. You will be shocked how much of a change in a healthy diet and regular cardiovascular activity will help you deal with stress at work. 

  • Try Taking CBD Daily 


Combining CBD into a healthy lifestyle can put you in a great position to handle stress. In addition, CBD edibles like gummies can also lead to better sleep, a significant factor in handling stressful situations at work. 

  • Organize Your Life with Lists


Most stress at work is caused by being overwhelmed. Therefore, you may benefit significantly by simply organizing your time at the office. 


Lists are a simple way to feel accomplished. Many people will make a handwritten list with personal and work tasks they need to complete throughout the day. Crossing out a job will give you a sense of accomplishment and a serotonin bump.  

  • Meditate Before Work


Take the time to reflect on what is stressing you out or thoroughly checkout for as long as possible. Meditation has also been proven to reduce stress; check out this great resource from Mindful

  • Find a New Side Hustle


Sometimes learning a new skill or getting involved in a side project is what you need to detach from your day job. Focusing on something other than work can be the difference between enjoying and hating your day job. 

  • Get a New Hobby You are Passionate About


If you aren’t looking to learn a new skill or start a side business, maybe a hobby would help get your mind off work. Joining a rec sports team can give you something to look forward to, give you a sense of community, and some exercise. 

  • Make a Job Change


Sometimes, getting out of a toxic work environment is the only way forward. We hope you will try a combination of some of the methods listed above before making any drastic changes. 


Experience Stress Free Work with CBD


Workplace-induced stress isn’t solved overnight, and CBD isn’t going to cure your problems at work instantly. However, using a combination of a healthy diet, regular exercise, and consistent CBD use will give you a much better chance at dealing with situations causing stress. 


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