Which is the importance of the workshops of violence of gender?

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When we speak to give prevention or sensitisation one of the greater needs that imperan in our society is the related with the violence of gender that relates  directly with the discrimination of gender and the inequality between women and men. Put figures: between the year 2016 and 2018 died 176 people in Spain of which 85,8% were women by causes of violence of gender and intimate domestic violence according to the proportionate data by the General Council of the Power.

They are figures very worrisome that reveal that the male chauvinistic violence keeps on being a grave problem that has to cut across  what before to avoid more deaths and familiar and psychological problems related. In too many occasions the efforts centre  on the victim that has suffered them, which is necessary, but do not have to forget that to avoid need this help has to invest  in education and early prevention.

The best solution in front of the violence of gender is the education and early prevention

The workshops of prevention and educational talks have to begin from the first stages of the life so that our boys and girls grow with suitable social norms and reduce the stereotypes of gender or negative prejudices. It is the best tool to keep like this a harmony and a balance that do not give foot to situations of superiority and back submission of the victims, in his big majority women, that suffer in a lot of occasions in solitude these aggressions of which do not see  able to go out.

The promotion of the equality of gender is a basic pillar of any program of sensitisation of face to achieve an elder empoderamiento of the women. For this, is important to have technicians and specialists formed in violence of gender that implement a formative itinerary adapted so much in the early prevention of boys and girls as in other focuses of special attention in matter of discrimination by reasons of gender as they can be the job centres.

Aims of the workshops of prevention of violence of gender

The educators that give this type of activities have to have clear the aims of the same to transmit them to the audience:

  • Educate in emotional matter: improvement of the self-esteem, empathy and confidence as well as know the variables that create emotional dependency.
  • Identify the different types of male chauvinistic violence.
  • Know the spaces where can produce violence of gender.
  • Detect the micromachismos generated in the current society.
  • Give to know the protocols of performance in case of an aggression and improve the communication.

Types of male chauvinistic violence

To know where can produce  this type of situations already was to level micro or macro has to  to take into account that they exist diverse forms of violence but that all ells are this, violence.

Economic violence

To day of today, still exists a big brecha economic between genders. The women receive inferior wages or even in determinate societies forbids them  directly have goods patrimoniales. Besides, inside the intimate relation the couple can control the money and economic means of the another person to control his form of life and prevent his full autonomy. The empoderamiento of the woman like base of his economic and labour fortress.

Labour violence

Partly related with the previous violence, the women present a greater labour discrimination that prevents them access to places and better responsibilities. The inequality of wages, the dismissals or no contractings by causes of pregnancy, or the greater discrimination by age that produces  in women in relation to the men.

Institutional violence

In occasions are the own authorities those that do not facilitate new politics that regulate the discrimination and violence machias of effective form, delaying processes and not guaranteeing of correct way the rights.

Psychological violence

The most common. In addition to the related with the domestic violence or of couple appears also related with the rest of types of violence of direct way, like point of start of the same when being more difficult to detect precozmente. The emotional damages derived of the bullying, the humiliation, the insults or the manipulation entorpecen the own development of the person and block it in such a way that develops other mental disorders, like depression or anxiety or even arrive to the sucidio. The professional psychological support for the women abused is of first need for the prevention and superación of the trauma.

Physical violence

It is that that affects directly to the physical integrity of the people: hits, burns or pushes can not  allow in no case.

Sexual violence

All person is free to decide on his own body and sexuality. The how and the when is personal decision that do not have to be coerced on no account neither threat. Any type of sexual or intimate contact no allowed has to be eradicated to avoid the abuse, bullying or sexual intimidation. In this section can include the related with the new technologies like sharing intimate material without permission through social networks.

Symbolic violence

It is the related with the stereotypes, negative prejudices, values or messages that transmit  in the society, sometimes of natural way, that favours that they keep  the situations of inequality. Many of the micromachismos find  inside this category: jokes, sentences done related with the woman of pejorative form or prejudices to that they do not dictate the reality. Unfortunately, and for putting an example, for the society is not the same to be a fox that be a vixen. It is so rooted in our culture that is difficult to eradicate, but has to continue  in this work of elimination of these said that little they help to empoderar to the woman.




Besides, has to take into account that no only the workshops and formative talks serve for reeducar to the society, since in occasions even does  even an overexposure on the thematic that does not finish to arrive of correct form to our youngsters.

The transformation of the ideals of gender has to make from all the fields of the society and the culture so that this information that tries  transmit to our generations of youngsters root in his social consciousness so that inside some years the word male chauvinistic violence seem something of the past and remain definitively eradicated.

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