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Resilience: learning from the past to improve our future

resiliencia superacion personal

The resilience is the human capacity of sobreponerse to the adversities and personal crises projecting to the future and learning of them to achieve a personal improvement thanks to the experience. All the world has this capacity by what is not something extraordinary, although no all the world was able to develop it of the same way.

Thanks to the resilence the people are able to follow evolving and adapting us to the environment. A big example has been the way that have faced and are facing the current crisis derived of the pandemy caused by the new coronavirus. The crises by which happen can be derived of distinct types of problems already are derived of traumatic events, like an accident or an illness, or by problems in our interpersonal or labour relations.

The people with resilience are not superheroes, also suffer during these difficult periods problems associated like the anxiety, or emotional disequilibriums that in some cases require of professional support. In fact, the know request help to time and to the suitable people is one of the most important characteristics that possess the people with a resilence high.

Learn of the past: the obstacles like springboard resilience

Our experience has to serve like engine that serve to know better our weak points and fortresses for like this reinforce the learning to avoid errors happened of efficient way. For this, the best tool is the taking of autoconsciencia personal and emotional making exercises of autoreflexión. What would answer to the siguientes questions?

  • Which have been the most difficult events along my life?
  • They have affected me to emotional level? Social? Economic?
  • Me estresa think in these eventualities? I avoid to think them?
  • I have gone back to fall in the same error several times?
  • How much important have been the people that surround me when the things have gone badly?
  • I have asked help in front of the adversities?
  • How I have attained to surpass the problems?
  • In what have supported me to go out of this situation?

These and other a lot of questions can be a great help to know which way carried us to the best solution for our problems so that we process this solution like valid for the following problems that have, and no only this, but we optimise it and improve day in day out the resolution of problems. Without this autoreflexión goes back  more difficult the learning of what is truly resolutory for our lives.

Analysis DAFO personnel: weaknesses, threats, fortress and personal opportunities

Our life is ours better personal company and if we do a simile with one of the most common tools in the business management, can learn of our experience making a small analysis DAFO personnel and identify like this the most notable appearances to improve day in day out.

Weaknesses of a person

First it takes note and identifies those things in which you think that are not too good or can improve. Make a conscious self-criticism of those weaknesses that influence us in the life is the first step to improve them. Has to be  sincere with one same and annotate all that to improve, by very small that can be. Of a grain of sand can do  a mountain.

For example, it annotates appearances of the personality that could improve (the communication, the punctuality, the organisation, etc.). Also you have to annotate those things that only do by need or obligation and suppose a daily weight in your decisions as well as other skills that would like you dominate and to day of today do not do it by fault of experience (for example, the training).

Threats: the anxiety

Regarding the threats, the elder of them is used to to be tied to the own excessive anxiety that generates worries in front of threats that perhaps are not it so much but our excessive level of alert us block and prevents to continue with our life. We turn us into bearers of fear generalised although in the majority of the cases the only that does is to paralyse us. To avoid this fear, the best is to locate the possible threats to analyse them and see if really they can it become or no.

It is important to know that yes they exist threats but that no all are so acechantes as they seem. Analyse them previously will allow us have a plan with forecast that will give us greater stability to the hour to take important decisions in the life. Besides, our capacity resiliente will do us take note of the past threats to relocate them and give them the true value that deserve , relocate them or delete them of our plans because they do not suppose a real danger.

Fortresses: in what differentiate me of the other?

All know to do things well, although it costs us sometimes find them or exteriorizarlas is important to locate that small thing that know to do well or a bit better that the other and from her explode our capacities to adjacent areas to this task that dominate or serve of springboard generator of new ideas and fortresses that perhaps did not darse that we were able to explode. Your experience and the superación of past problems will be your best weapon. Which positive qualities see the other people of my? Of what am proud? For this can ask to people of confidence that help you to value you of objective form.

Opportunities: the way of the resilience

Finally, you have to stop you to examine like taking advantage of all these good things (and bad) of my person or of my past experiences to know better which opportunities present us  from now. For example, a person that has had an accident of traffic and has to happen long in bed, in place to regret , and knowing that have a fortress in his reading, could take advantage of to be able to study and make a course while it makes the rest home. Or on the other hand, a person in the same situation, but that takes like reference his weakness in front of the fault of training could in the same supposed take advantage of to take out a course advance and advance in his professional career.

What at the beginning seemed a problem in the life, and keeps on being it, (the accident) taking splits also of a new personal opportunity. It is a case that has given  many times in the current sanitary crisis world-wide, in which the fact to have long home without going out has been taken advantage of for a lot of people resilientes to make courses or learn new facets of his lives or even in some cases recobrar the communication with people that had lost.

Emotional management: key for the superación of the adversities

One of the pillars of our personal balance and our welfare is the correct management of our emotions. A person with a resilence high is used to to have a high emotional intelligence, but understood this like a capacity that can work  and improve by what all the world could achieve improve his emotional management. The basic components of the emotional intelligence: empathy, automotivation, autoconscens emotional, self-supervision and the social skills; they go to be a fundamental pillar for the superación of the potholes that find us on the way and to know better like the life past have carried us to where find us and as can advance thanks to them.

Move you to backwards but only to take impulse to in front.

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