High scores in the sport: solutions and measures of prevention.

goleadas deporte marcador soluciones

In east another article spoke on the relation between the motivation in the game and the goleadas in the sport. Now it touches to give step to give solutions but incidiendo in that of what treats  is not to avoid in himself the goleada but to achieve that the boy learn during the game of independent form to the result. The goals are the negative reinforcement (goals against) or positive (goals in favour) but the reinforcement of the own sportive practice has to have a greater value to this so that it do not affect psychologically or produce the sportive abandonment.

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Why they produce high scores?

Before beginning with some solutions or measures go to pose us the question on his origin, these are some of the causes that produce goleadas.

Competitive level: academy vs. activity extrascholar.

In general the high scores produce  because two teams of different competitive levels confront  between himself. This can be due to the fact that they exist two types of teams: the schools of training and the teams of activities extraescolares. In the first the boys proceed of diverse places and arrive  to form even selections of boys that want to play and improve like aim. In the second cases, the activity has a character more lúdico-social and limits  in a lot of occasions to the boys of the own class or the school. As in the natural selection, the probabilities to create a team of good competitive level reduce .

Development psychomotor.

Related with this cause, is that the sportive categories do not correspond  with the biological age of the boy by what the development psicomotor is different and evident. The physical differences and mark the differences especially in ages comprised between the 6 and the 13 years.

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Training of the trainer.

Another cause, that unfortunately remains in second plane in too many occasions, is the training of the own trainers. Create good sessions of training, aims and all this with some planning under a methodology of education-learning is fundamental so that it produce  the competitive improvement. If it plays a team structured and scheduled against one that only puts to his players in the field seems logical that produce  the goleada. And yes, if you train to a team of a school also can schedule. And yes, the party of the weekend also has to to be understood like a training, a training of the real game in which put in practice the contents worked during the week with the players.

Measures to warn high scores in the sport.

Prevention. This is the keyword to take any measure. In a lot of occasions treats  of maquillar an a posteriori result  when what it is necessary to do is to schedule and warn so that the learning was the correct without that the result was the important.

The measures that have to take  to warn goleadas have to be taken so that no desvirtúen the natural order of the game or do it in the lower possible measure. Can adapt  measures to the ages of the players, but whenever it was to favour the course of the party.

Training and technical development-tactical.

We repeat, the most important is to have trainers that understand the parties of base like part of the training. Have to pose  aims to fulfil in each party and use them also for the cases in which it plays  in front of a very inferior rival. For example: play with leg no dominant, work of appearances of the game (wall, parallel, diagonal…), limit the number of touch of balloon, play with the goalkeeper, work free spaces, etc. This yes, in some occasions cuado the difference is very wide to apply some criteria can benefit the aim of the goal, but remember that there are other aims in addition to the ending. What never will be able to  is to limit the shot to a player in situation of shot. This would affect to the natural order of the game. If you arrive to zone of ending the natural is to mark. Besides, it is the most respectful for the rival.

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System of points.

This is definitely the system that more likes me personally. It treats  to play the parties divided by fourth independent in which by a lot of goals that mark  only will add a point. That is to say, if you play to five-a-side football can divide  the party in four chambers of 10 minutes, by what the final result will be always at most of 4-0. It is a system that keeps motivated to the players since each fourth is a new incentive for the player in which it can start afresh. Can work  different aims by fourth and even combine players. In age prebenjamín or even benjamín is a good system to apply. Some federations already apply this type of distribution of the time and putos with a lot of success, as for example the five-a-side football in Galicia for category prebenjamín.

Modification of rules of the game. 

Another option is to limit in some categories some appearances of the game, like the pressure to the rival. Not allowing presionar until the goalkeeper take out or  rebase some line of the terrain of game. This always has to be understood like formative. That is to say, can work  the repliegue, the occupation of spaces or the work of defensive lines. That is to say, no understood like measure only mitigadora of goals but for the tactical work and improve those parties with game desestructurado. All this would have to go out of the own trainer without that it was necessary to apply the measure of statutory way.

Structure the competitions by year of birth.

If all the boys play with the boys of his same age is evident that this would equalise the parties since the differences psicobiológicas are not so wide. The categories in the majority of the sports are structured of 2 in 2 years to facilitate the realisation of the competitions. This can not  carry to the practice in too many occasions because of the impossibility to create teams of these characteristics. However, the schools that work with a methodological base are used to to deliver to his players in the teams by year of birth to favour his development along coherent formative stages to the age.

Balance the leagues.

The federations have to propose systems that instrumented to the teams. A good formula to do it is by means of the dispute of previous phases in groups that generate divisions by levels that even can be preestablecidas with heads of series. All this spoken and valued with the trainers that have to act of ethical and formative form chord to the system of competition.

Limit the number of goals.

Sincerely, this measure more than a solution is a make-up. Going back to the already spoken previously, the result is not the end but the consequence of the game. If a team is overwhelming and humiliating to a rival and on in the press does not go  see this reflected seems that we are not helping to that the measures to avoid it are natural. In any case, it can be a good measure if it is understood like the elimination of a reinforcement for these people that follows thinking that the result is the aim. If it removes them  this incentive perhaps deliver better the minutes of game between the boys but do not have it of the all clear. This yes, this measure has to be taken always by equal and for all the parties of a same competition, established by regulation. Of not being like this, can not  maquillar a result. You are benefiting almost more to the that has put the goleada.

Close the record.

In some sports, like the basketball, uses  a system in which when arriving to a high difference of tanteador the record of the party closes  with this result and even plays  the party to time run. With this last am not for nothing of agreement. The party is a training, why have to train less although it go losing of licking? Always there will be things that learn, always.

Previous talks and announcements of players. 

This goes in inside the planning. If we know that we go to play against a very inferior rival perhaps was good moment to leave to our best players out of the announcement, of natural way. The his would be to have a system of announcements by rotations in which the trainer will have to schedule when leave to ones or to other players. Before the parties with a lot of difference, so much if it is in favour as against, has to keep  a talk with the players on the type of party and aims to achieve.

Inside the talks, can include the formative talks to the parents that of periodic form has to them  do understand the methodological operation of our system of education so that they know also like acting in front of this type of parties to motivate to his own children. The result is not the end is the cause! 

Also we can speak with the rival trainer to know like doing the alignments and even with the referee. We remember that it treats  to form and are not enemies of anybody.

Fair Play

When initiating the party and finish the same has to exist the cordialidad between teams and the team that has goleado has to approach to the rival to support it in the defeat and remove him this weight of the result. The trainer is vital in this and has to be the first in giving example. Can finish  a party goleando but giving very good image, only depends on the attitude that have  in the field, so much during the game as when it finishes. Greet to the public, gather to all the rival players included and boost like this the compañerismo that besides helps to remove importance to the result. These gestures also are a positive reinforcement for the players in spite of the defeat.

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This only is an exhibition and some examples of strategies and measures, exist a lot of more formulas. I appreciate that it share  in the comments the criticisms and opinions in this regard, those that more ideas more solutions.

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