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Am I powerless sexual? Causes and solves for the erectile dysfunction

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The sexual dysfunctions are physiological problems, cognitive, affective or engines that hamper the enjoy satisfactory of the sexual relations in all his dimensions, from the start of the attraction until the culmen of the orgasm. One of the problems that more concern and more cohíbe to the men in his relations is the dysfunction erectile, known also vulgarmente like sexual impotence.

Nowadays, the dysfunction erectileis a disorder that has a diagnostic with suitable solutions for each case so much to farmacological level by means of the use of medicines for the sexual impotence under medical prescription, especially when the causes are of vascular type, or with the help of psychological sexual therapy when the reason of the problem has a more cognitive or emotional reason.

The current treatments improve of considerable way the capacity of rigidity and maintenance of the erección of the that suffers it improving his sexual relations and the confidence on the own sexual capacities, that in occasions are limitantes to the hour to establish this type of privacy with the couple.

Have I erectile dysfunction?

The sexual impotence is something difficult to assume and that in occasions  unseen to the other by fear to the rejection of a possible sexual couple or by the simple fear to feel  inferior to the rest of people that manifest a full sexual life. This frustration does in occasions that believe  false beliefs on what is or is not a dysfunction erectilelike real sexual problem.

They exist people that think that suffer of dysfunction erectile and his own belief reaffirms his condition, this is a cognitive problem-emotional very frequent that generates even more anxiety in front of the sexual act and sexual stress. Bad combinations for a full sexual relation.

Suffer of dysfunction erectile is not to have had in occasions a punctual impotence or not attaining the necessary erection during the sexual act in determinate occasions, but it involves a maintenance of the alteration during a determinate periodo of time. Specifically, the Manual Diagnostic of Mental Illnesses (DSM-V) speech of of this diagnostic like disorder erectile when it produces  in 75%-100% of the sexual activities in couple or if it is generalised in all the contexts at least one of the following three symptoms:

  1. Marked difficulty to achieve an erection during the sexual activity.
  2. Marked difficulty to keep the erection until finalising the sexual activity.
  3. Marked reduction of the rigidity of the erection.

Besides, this disorder has to be diagnosed in function of if it has produced  along all the life of the individual or if it has been purchased after periods of normal sexual activity or if it produces  of way generalised or in function of the context or the concrete situation, for example, with determinate types of sexual stimulation.

Main causes of sexual impotence

The process of masculine sexual excitation presents different phases during which have to coordinate different factors so that it produce  of satisfactory way. During the process take part different centres of cerebral processing and cognitive processes that depend partly of the own beliefs of the subject and on the other hand appearances more physiological like the correct production of hormones, the nerves, the musculature and the state of the blood vessels.

If any of these factors has a deficit could give place to dysfunction erectile, therefore, the reasons are of psychological type on the one hand and physiological by the another. In general, the main reasons of sexual impotence are:

Psychological causes

To cognitive level-emotional the not attaining have a balance goes to affect directly to the production of the casuística necessary to resolve properly the sexual act, mainly by:

  • Emotional problems. The bad management of the emotions and the conflicts can generate frustration, fear, fear, sadness, apathy or sexual feelings found that hamper the relations or the taking of initiative on them. The own emotional state of the relation of couple goes to influence in the sexual welfare. The bad communication of couple, the stress that generates the own relation is cause of sexual problems. The frustration of not achieving give him pleasure to the woman, or not attaining leave pregnant to the couple, is also reason to accumulate stress and sexual anxiety without resolving that merma the self-esteem of the person that suffers it and gives place to problems in the own relation of couple.
  • Fault of sexual motivation. Another of the problems related are those that involve to the sexual stimuli that incite to the sex. It can be that they are not the appropriate or are conditioning  of erroneous way, by what the sexual motivation is deficitaria. The sexual stimulation is necessary to be able to cause the mechanism of erection. This fault of motivation can be derived also of a bad management of the own sexual orientation of the person.
  • Sexual anxiety. The own fears generated by the false expectations created or have some too elevated beliefs of success produce also a feeling of impotence that creates a difficult loop to go out without professional help. We live in a sexual culture too high that seems to demand a high performance in the sex out of the reality.
  • Other psychological disorders. The depression, labour stress, personal problems, or other disorders of the mental health can have like secondary effects sexual problems. Sometimes derived also of the consumption of drugs to treat them, like secondary effect of the same.

Physiological causes

Like biological beings that we are, each movement that make, although it is motivated by our brain and emotions, only will carry out when the rest of physiological mechanisms work properly. Therefore, we can have mentally a good sexual health but that physically, by the reason that was, do not work properly, and vice versa. In this sense to physical level some of the causes of dysfunction erectile are:

  • Vascular problems. The penis does not attain to accumulate the necessary blood for the correct erection. This can be due to some cardiac illness, blood vessels obstructyou, high cholesterol, obesity, arterial hypertension or diabetes. This in a lot of occasions is related with the consumption of tobacco, alcohol or other drugs.
  • Problems neurológicos. They can exist injuries in determinate areas of the brain or the spinal marrow involved in the sexual answer. Reasons of injuries after surgeries in the pelvic zone or of the spinal marrow or problems related with other illnesses like the multiple sclerosis or Parkinson. The disorders of the dream also can affect to the good operation of the erection.
  • Problems hormonales. Related with the low production of testosterone and masculine sexual hormones.
  • Farmacological causes. Determinate treatments like some against the cancer of prostate, or medicines to treat the hypertension or determinate psychiatric disorders, among others, can have like secondary effects the sexual impotence.

The dysfunction erectileis a more common problem of what seems, but that has treatments so much psychological like farmacological that improve the sexual answer of evident way. It leaves backwards the shame for explaining it and gives the step to put you in hands of your doctor and/or psychologist specialist to begin to have or recover a satisfactory sexual life.


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