20 exercises to train the mind at home.

estimulacion cognitiva

We can define the cognitive deterioration like a significant decrease of the intellectual operation experienced in an interval of time that can be compared with a normal intellectual operation previous. No all the cognitive skills decrecen by the age and depend to a large extent of if they have made  activities of stimulation and suitable cognitive rehabilitation that improve the performance of preventive way.

In fact, the psychological aging does not seem to follow the same way that the aging neurobiológico because of the big importance that has the impact of the environment on our cognition. It exists a big variability to the hour to age with a good cognitive performance and largely depends on our own training mind.

Our intelligence, in each one of his constructos as it can be the emotional intelligence, can improve , if we keep it active. Especially  in the called fluent intelligence that it is that that reference to the capacity of reasoning inductivo, verbal fluidity or to the time of reaction. This fluent intelligence deteriorates  more quickly and of form more premature that the another big general type of intelligence, the intelligence crystallised that  related more with the verbal skills (information and vocabulary) or that is used to to be more stable that the fluent.

10 exercises to train the mind at home.

To continuation propose some simple activities to improve the cognitive performance and avoid the early deterioration, already was because of the age or to other pathological factors. The cognitive stimulation by means of exercises involve diverse areas related with the psychological processes more basic as they can be the attention, the memory, the perception or the executive functions.

  1. Exercises of praxias.

Basically it treats  to make exercises that involve some coordination óculo-foot and óculo-hand as it can be make tasks of the house of orderly form, go up the stairs and explain those that there is to measure that go up or exercises of dynamic coordination general like practising gymnastics of maintenance or similar activities.

  1. Exercises of calculation.

Sums, subtract, divisions, multiplications… All what did in the school can move it to basic exercises that will improve besides the capacity atencional. Also they can  use games that involve need of basic calculation like the bingo, games of letters, etc. Also can  work exercising the change of the coins that receive when making a purchase.

  1. Exercises of orientation.

Stimulate the temporary orientation, space and the ownpersonal is another of the tasks that have to take into account. For this can make small activities like completing maps or review them and know transcribe them and interpret them.

  1. Exercises of attention.

Although all is related with the attention in minor or greater degree, can make  specific exercises like ordering letters of words descolocadas or discover numbers repeated in a series.

  1. Exercises of language.

We can work the the language from four appearances: automatic language (verbal evocation, like repeating the months of the year); spontaneous language (describe  images); denomination (quote names of elements of the kitchen, of the human body, etc.) or exercises of repetition.  In this appearance also can work the exercises of lexical categories or families of words or synonymous and antonyms.

  1. Artistic exercises.

The creativity can work  to any age and if of small were able to do drawings daily, why do not go to be able to draw of greater? Simple activities of colorear, draw or even copy another drawing keep awake ours creative mind. Inside this artistic facet can include another type of activities like the sewing or the marquetry.

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  1. Exercises by heart.

For example, can create  a photographic album with the history of our life and force like this to our memory to have to give answer to past questions. To each photography can him  associate a history and use it for the exercises of lecto-writing of the following section.

  1. Exercises of lecto-writing.

Can make  exercises of compression reader so simple like reading a news of a newspaper and answer to basic questions of knowledge of the text, the 6W of the journalism: what, how, when, reason, where and who.

The editorial or the creation of writings boost, as in the previous case, our basic cognitive functionalities. Can make  tasks of creation of tales or histories through loose words that they have to join to form a coherent history.

  1. Exercises of association.

Relate words with colours, cities or other objects. For example: the lemon is yellow and acid.

  1. Other exercises related with the leisure.

Make hobbies, crosswords, soups of letters, hieroglyphs or play to a simple board game as it can be the chess or the letters also boosts that our brain keep  active. Even, why no, play to video games that in some cases improve the capacity atencional and perceptiva.


This only is a small sample of the activities that the people that begin to suffer cognitive deterioration can make like prevention and improvement of his performance in search of an active aging that allow him keep his level of psychological welfare and physicist in optimum levels. Besides, we live in a society in which the percentage of the greater population has seen  increased in the last years considerably by what goes back  of greater interest the promotion of the activities of prevention of cognitive deterioration. The technology is important part of the improvement of these skills and already exist programs that facilitate the cognitive stimulation. Download Stimulus free to check the profits that on the cognition can have this type of tools.


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