Dreams during pregnancy

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The pregnancy is one of the periods in which the women see  more affected by different disorders of the dream had to mainly to the big changes hormonales and the fatigue associated to the same, that is used to to stress the third quarter of the pregnancy.

You dream different during the pregnancy? The world of the dreams sees  affected directly by our habits of rest, our emotional state and hormonal, all they affected during the multiple changes that suffers the organism during the gestation. If you are pregnant and are dreaming different, knows here the meaning  of the dreams with pregnancies.

Disorders of the dream during the pregnancy. 

As we speak, our dreams see  affected by the quality with which sleep. According to an investigation made by the team of  matrons of the Virgin Hospital of the Light of Cuenca (Spain), 86,6% of the 290 pregnant respondents manifested changes in his patterns of dream during the pregnancy that can unchain in disorders of the dream when you are pregnant.

These results revealed that the disorder of the most associated dream to the pregnancy was the sleeplessness in all his demonstrations (latency of dream, woke up nocturnal and dream little reparador). In his majority registered an increase of urinary frequency, backflow gastroesofágico, muscular annoyances and the own fetal movements.

Another of the problems registered was the excessive somnolencia diurnal, being the first quarter and the third the ones of elder prevalencia of this problem .

The syndrome of restless legs suffered it in any of his symptoms until 67% of the pregnant women respondents, especially during the third quarter of the pregnancy.

The respiratory disorders like ronquidos and grieves of the dream also are used to to present of usual form during the third quarter, although they are less common.

Keep a good hygiene of the dream is fundamental to keep the quality of our life and more during the gestation, that can besides influence in the own childbirth, according to some studies the women that sleep less than 6 hours have childbirths longer and a greater probability that it was them  practised a cesárea (Read and Gay, 2004).

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Recommendations of hygiene of the dream during the pregnancy. 

According to the studies of Pien and Schwab (2004) the best habits to improve the hygiene of the dream during the pregnancy  summary in being still in the following 9 guidelines:

  1. Attend to classes of preparation to the childbirth and attend to a specialist. Basically, this what will do is to relieve the stress and frustration in front of a new situation, that explained by an expert will report us important information to warn and improve the quality of life during the pregnancy. The education is can.
  2. Not taking medication to conciliate the dream without consulting with the doctor of family.
  3. Keep good habits for to avoid the pain of back: comfortable shoes (half heel or without), avoid raise weights from the floor without bending , make exercises to strengthen abdomen and back and avoid the exercise before sleeping, between others.
  4. Keep a diet balanced. Avoid coffee, tobacco, dine early, drink little liquid during the dinner, urinate before putting to bed , etc.
  5. Relax to control the anxiety: make bathrooms relajantes, calm shower, apply massages or collect the room so that it perceive  a calm environment.
  6. If you rest in position tumbada, better sideways with the knees slightly flexionadas. You can use cushions or pillows to accommodate the position.
  7. It is common to have cramps during the night, to solve it tightens the foot against the wall. Also you can test to raise you on the leg entumecida.
  8. Take you a rest of 5 minutes in the work each hour to make exercises of breath. Besides, it tries to reserve the sufficient hours for the dream, reducing hours for secondary things like seeing the television.



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