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What impact does stress have on sexual desire?


The World Health Organization warned in 2020 that one in five people at that time was highly affected by stress and anxiety . This announcement was made at a very difficult time for global humanity, in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic. In turn, it warned that these episodes were going to worsen as a result of the coronavirus.

Stress, as well as anxiety and other problems of a mental and psychological nature, must be detected in time to treat them effectively, otherwise they can end up in more serious pathologies.

There are symptoms that are very recognizable and are accurately associated with being under stress. One of them is bruxism , which is the continuous grinding of teeth. Added to this are others such as muscle tension , general tiredness and a feeling of irritability .

Stress is a process that affects both men and women and , in many cases, can also have consequences on sexual activity. In fact, the Platanomelón portal explains what incidence this condition has on libido.

In How stress affects sexual desire , the erotic articles company shows what we can do to recover satisfactory sexual activity with simple tips.

In the most serious cases, stress is not only associated with loss of interest in sexual activity , but it can also manifest itself in the absence of vaginal discharge in them and in erection and premature ejaculation problems in them. We see in more detail why these phenomena occur.

Male sexuality and stress

When men and women suffer episodes of stress, they experience a hormonal imbalance that has a negative impact on sexual practices. Not only is there a lack of concentration, but the desire is diminished and the experiences are much less satisfying .

In the case of them, the most visible consequences are the difficulty in achieving powerful erections and premature ejaculation . These are processes that, in addition, are undermining the self-esteem of many men.

Erectile dysfunction manifests as the inability to maintain an erection , resulting in poor-quality sexual intercourse. When the man does achieve libido and his penis is fully erect, the setback can arise with premature ejaculation , which also diminishes the pleasure in those intimate encounters.

Women: sexual desire and stress

In them, in women, stress problems affect a less satisfactory sexual activity for other reasons. The reflection of these episodes of mental and emotional weakness also has a physical result, but with a lack of lubrication .

If the vagina and clitoris are poorly lubricated, sexual intercourse is unpleasant. In turn, hormonal changes also cause a drop in sexual desire. Although many women can have sex even feeling stress, the degree of well-being is much lower.

On the other hand, to this we must add more painful encounters and even irregular menstrual cycles . And of course, also more difficulty in reaching orgasm .

How to put a solution to the lack of sexual activity derived from stress?

The big problem with stress in the sexual sphere is not that it reduces the options for having sex, but rather that these encounters are much less satisfying. In this sense, if you are aware that what leads you to not enjoy sex is stress, a very busy life and not finding peace of mind, the first thing you should do is diagnose these causes correctly .

From Platanomelón they offer some keys, such as not forcing yourself to have sexual relations or to do the same with your partner or to look for other arousal formulas, such as the use of erotic toys, oils and also focusing on other exciting activities like massages.

Outside of these recommendations, communication is very important. Sex can only be healthy and satisfying when there is a good connection with the couple . If you are going through a moment of stress and some mental weakness, talk openly about it with your partner to find a common situation.

This desire for communication can be extended to a treatment with a therapist, a sexologist or a health doctor . They, the professionals, are going to help you diagnose what is causing stress and lower libido.

Another interesting piece of advice is to maintain an active lifestyle, with regular exercise routines . Exercise is one of the best ways to reduce stress, as it helps to lower performance and increases sexual desire.

Finally, don’t hesitate to look for solutions in meditation . To achieve a better mental and physical state, it is essential to work the body, but also the clarity of ideas. With meditation you will know first hand what you are feeling, you will remove daily problems from your mind and you will be able to perform more successfully in sexual tasks.


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