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The talent equation: characteristics of a talented person

definicion talento

The talent is the capacity to understand and exert an activity of form stood out on the rest of people that also practise it, turning into a referent for those that surround it inside this field of common performance. These people are used to to show a big lucidity, creativity and wit in the matter in concrete that do them project above the other.

Talent: general characteristics of a person talentosa

The people with talent characterise  of practical way by nine big general shots:

  1. It is an inherent quality of some people in concrete.
  2. It can evaluate technically so that it ascertain  this talent on the matter dominated.
  3. Those who possess it develop productive behaviours: they improve his talent.
  4. They are able people to adapt  of flexible way to the conditions cambiantes of the surroundings.
  5. They establish evident synergies between being able to do, want to do and do (capacity, commitment and action).
  6. They possess technical knowledge on that activity that make.
  7. They take perspective of the activity in function of a strategic thought.
  8. They manage the emotions in profit of an improvement of results, own and of the community.
  9. They are able to make different and new tasks with regard to the rest therefore they are effective (do well the tasks) and efficient overcoat (do well the tasks with the lower possible cost).

The equation of the talent

The talent without the necessary work for pulirlo can waste . No all the people are able to keep these innate conditions for a determinate place of work or a concrete activity, already was in the sport, the education, the business direction or make lace of bolillos. Can have  the necessary qualities to develop this skill of way more efficient that the other and improve them or by the contrary not being able or not finding the appropriate context for his build on this foundation a potential elder.

The coal is to the talent what the diamond to the work. The talent without alone work is coal. (Iván Hammer)

This does not want to say that the people are better or worse by the fact to arrive or no to be talentosas in something. Surely all the world have a quality in which it was able to stand out on the other and neither so at least knows it, or is not the sufficiently valued. The talent is used to  associate with the world of the business direction, of the catchment of the talent or for example in the sport. It is of all known the expression of the player with talent. As very well, by a lot of talent that have  if they do not give  the necessary variables to explode this quality only the talent will not become productive. To explode the talent needs  work, to the equal that so that a stone of coal potentially talentosa, finish  for converting a potential diamond.

Therefore, after this reflection, can deduce the equation of the work in base to the formulated by the expert in human resources Dave Ulrich in 1997. The talent compose  of two fundamental variables: capacity and commitment.

  • The capacity is the group of knowledges, behaviours and skills that allow to exert properly a task, activity or work.
  • The commitment is the degree of will that the person is had to employ in this activity to improve. It is the work that it is necessary to apply to achieve that the capacities turn into talent for real.

The three dimensions

Therefore, as we already said in the general characteristics of the people talentosas, the dimensions of the talent are three:

  1. Know do: capacity and skill for the exert.
  2. Want to do: commitment.
  3. Can do: achieve execute or accionar the capacities to achieve an aim.

The three dimensions relate  between yes like fundamental pieces to achieve improve the talent by what to the equation proposed by Ulrich would have to him  impose the action that is fundamental so that the gear work and turn to the talent. This action can give  or no in function of the context, that is the one who makes possible to put in operation the qualities and commitment. By a lot that of the two first points have , goes back  indispensable have where execute or the necessary support to develop the talent.

This development of the talent can provide  through the education, the training, the values that  him inculcan to the person in the organisation and award the opportunities, the environment and the necessary tools to improve it. All organisation would have to invest in the research of talent, so much to internal level like external, explode it and manage it to improve the performance of the person that possesses it and therefore to the organisation in his aims. All come off well. Feel talentoso in something is one of the qualities more autorrealizadoras for any person that will motivate it and incentivará to keep it.

And you, which talent have?



Ulrich, D. (1997). Human resources Champions. Editions Granica


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