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10 tips to improve the communication.

consejos mejorar comunicación

The human being communicates since it exists. In all the relations interpersoais produces the transmission, reception and exchange of messages with a concrete aim that is the one who gives him the sense to the communication. So that the communication was flowed and serve to purchase knowledges, emotions or informations can use some communicative techniques that axilizarán our conversations.

Before following with this article advise that visualize estoutro envelope the maximum conversational.

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10 tips to improve the communication.

  1. Propers felt received and acolledor how person. It IS to say, yes somebody is accepting you as you are is that you can expressed of open form and communicate without fear and with naturalidade and espontaneidade of ours propio ideas. The same have do yes are the receiving part, be acolledor with the another acode also will facilitate the feedback communicative when touch to speak it you.
  2. Not to feel wise neither axuizar. We do not owe to fall in the error to think that the another person is doing  a wrong idea on tí. Of the even way, do not owe to have prejudices. To the not having of sufficient data can not judge of first.  Yes you want to know more on prejudices can did in east another article: you Know the difference between stereotype and prejudice?
  3. In the even felt of the previous point, keep an open stance and tolerante that respect the different points of view that can attach the rest of speakers.
  4. Show interest although no coincide  in the ideas expressed. It thinks that what can be mistaken in the conversation can be you and owe to kept receptive to the new information. It Will do to grow and will enrich in experience and new ideas.
  5. Avoid the egocentrism in the felt of not thinking that what is speaking  is related directly with you. For example, yes a person is speaking on political ideals does not have to be because it was attacking your propio ideology, simply is to express his thoughts. This usually spends a lot with the indirect communication in social nets. A person puts a song, a photo or anything in the his muro of Facebook and immediately a lot of people already understands that it is related with are same, that the same yes, but does not have porqué were.
  6. The change how option, of positive form. Although in one principle defend our proposals do not have porqué be the best pole that the change of thoughts of form proactiva can exist and do not owe to closed it she, stop this owe to attend of form proactiva to the that the another person is speaking. It avoids an excessively defensive position Enriches!
  7. Fill the silence. When it produces  a situation of silence owes to try fill this space with gestures of understanding. The silence does not have porqué be bad. The silence also is a form of communication. 
  8. Speak of the that has  in common. Especially when we speak with a person with the that do not have confidence looks for a common subject and establishes the communicative tie initial valuing these positive things or behaviours of the another person that coincide with you. Obviously, yes you begin to speak of something that see negative envelope this person will initiate a defensive system and will close in band. IT anybody likes him that they say him what does badly at the beginning. This yes, when achieves  the confidence can be positive did.
  9. Speak of vital experiences. Usually, the emotions connect more to the people. Speak of an experience (a trip, a work, the family, etc…) Even although they are not positive narrow more ties that yes do them of personal ideas, since how said each has his and can be equal of respectable.
  10. Prpers did to know to the another acode that the conversation is of confidence and secret. Simply it says him it, already was by means of the word or gestures of confidence (onethe handclap in the coasts, for example).

Which other councils would propose to achieve an effective communication and flowed? It leaves your opinions in comments :).

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