(English) Why Good Mental Health Is Important for Study and How to Improve it

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School can be an exciting journey, but also challenging and stressful. You need to be at your best not only physically, but also mentally to handle everything that comes with it. Taking care of your mental well-being ensures that you are well emotionally, socially, and psychologically as well as enhances your physical wellness. When your mental health is at its best, you feel, think and act at your best. Moreover, all these can affect your studies significantly. Here, we look at some of the reasons why good mental health is important while studying and what you can do to improve it.

Why is good mental health important for study?

Ideally, your goal in school is to perform well and attain the grades that you desire to get you to the next level. Moreover, this can be possible if you are in your best form to study and follow your course through to the end. However, mental health issues can impede your efforts in the following ways:

  • Reduced engagement – Your success in school largely depends on your interest in the course that you are taking. However, if you are feeling depressed, anxious, or stressed, your level of academic engagement can go down significantly. You might find it difficult to attend lectures, participate actively in class or concentrate on classroom proceedings. This negatively affects your progression through the course, and might even start thinking about dropping out
  • Reduced comprehension and attainment – When your mind feels strained from issues that you are dealing with, it can be very hard to focus and can take longer to understand concepts. Unfortunately, this can lead to a decline in academic performance
  • Loss of energy and enthusiasm – How you relate with other people also affects your studies in a great way. However, when you have mental health challenges, the energy and the excitement to socialize and make friends can be hard to come by. Moreover, withdrawing from your peers, teachers, and support system can lead to loneliness and reduced desire to study

Ways to improve mental health while studying

As seen above, good mental health is instrumental to your studies. That is why it is paramount that you are proactive in taking care of your mental health while in school. Here are a few tips that can help you enhance your mental health:

  1. Prioritize your studies

A decline in academic performance is a major cause of mental health issues. Additionally, taking exams or assignments when you are not well prepared can lead to anxiousness and stress. That is why the number one thing that you need to do for your mental health is to prioritize your studies. Ensure that you allocate enough time in your schedule to study and prepare well for exams. You can use online resources to make the most out of your studies. Osmosis resources are particularly great for nursing students. Going through them can prepare you for what to expect as well as help you understand complex concepts if you are taking nursing.

  1. Plan and organize your studies

As much as you need to prioritize your studies, overwhelming yourself can be fatal. Plan your time well so that you have enough time to tackle big projects to avoid rushing at the last minute. In addition, break your revision into small doable chunks and create a daily routine to follow.

  1. Don’t forget to rest

Rest is very important as it gives your mind an opportunity to offload and unwind. Ensure that you take regular breaks during the day to catch some air and relax. In addition, ensure that you get adequate sleep every night. Avoid the temptation of staying up late studying or partying and create a routine that gives you at least 8 hours of sleep.

  1. Lead a healthy life

Living a healthy life enhances your sense of well-being and impacts your brain functionality positively. Make sure that you are eating healthy foods and taking enough water. Additionally, create time for regular exercise to enhance your physical health. Simple things such as walking or biking to class can go a long way.




Studies can be challenging but can get harder if your mental health is suffering. You need good mental health for good academic performance and course progression. Even as you tackle tough times in school, ensure that you are taking care of your mental health. Organize your time well and allow enough time for your studies. In addition, avoid overwhelming yourself by taking rest and live a healthy life to improve your mental health every day.

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