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[Infographic] The importance of colors in the brand of the companies.

colores marcas

So important is to choose the name of our brand, as the colors of your logos and texts. We are visual beings, so a great part of our emotional engagement we acquire through the eyes, understanding this type of engagement as the customer’s emotional loyalty for the brand. In this task of hooking customers, the different colors play a fundamental role because they evoke in the client various sensations, which will be transmitted to the product or service offered by the company. The potential customer empathizes with the brand.

Branding is the process by which a brand is built. The strategies used should focus on our target audience identifying with our brand and our product. Marketing strategies after all are a kind of courtship to enamor the client. And who does not feel identified with a person who likes the same things as you and dresses like you? That is why it is important to wear the brand with colors that represent the audience you want to reach, to identify with it.

For example, think about the Mercedes-Benz logo, what color is it? Gray. Gray represents maturity (yes, we all get gray-white hair), solidity, confidence, experience, utility and longevity. It is not unusual for brands of renown to use this color to enhance the quality of their finishes, for a lifetime. Audi, Toyota, Apple, are other cases of gray marks.

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Think now about brands of banks or insurance companies. What color do you see? Yes, blue. Blue is the color represents productivity, trust and responsibility. It is not therefore rare that these sectors use the color blue for their brands of one form or another. Failing that, they often use the color red, which used along with white often generate feelings of trust.

The industry and its colors.

In this infographic, by Tower Gate Insuranceyou can see graphically the colors used in your logos by 20 companies in each of the 26 industries selected.

As you can see in the color wheel, red and blue are often the predominant colors, it seems that the feeling of trust is the most valued by customers. What do you think?

colours by industries

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