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Drug use increases levels of anxiety

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It is of all known that the consumption of drugs is highly related with a worse quality of life because of the multiple secondary effects associated, so much to psychological level and physicist like social, familiar, labour and economic. They are numerous the studies that confirm it. The people that addicted to determinate substances, like the opiáceos, present levels of depression, anxiety or stress much higher that the no addicted people, all this directly related therefore with a quality of inferior life that the no dependent people of substances (Fooladi, Jirdehi and Mohtasham-Amiri, 2014).

The vicious circle in which they find  the addicted people to the drugs relates  also with a strong impact on the family and the feelings of fault related with his consumption what increases even more the possibility to associate the consumption to the development of some type of mental illness and to a large extent to pathologies related with the anxiety. So much the addiction to the drugs like the rest of disorders associated have to be treated by professionals, by what if you find you in a situation of dependency on substances or know attends to specialists like which can find in

Disorder of anxiety induced by substances.

The disorder of anxiety induced by substances is associated to the consumption, abuse or dependency of some type of drug (caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, cannabis, cocaine, heroine, ecstasy, LSD, MDMA, etc.). The consumers present values higher in anxiety even after having abandoned the consumption included the attacks of panic.

Diverse studies epidemiológicos show this direct relation between the disorders of anxiety and the consumption of substances psicoactivas, with a prevalencia of disorders by consumption of substances of 24%. That is to say, one of each four people that present a disorder of anxiety, this was motivates by the consumption of substances. This relation gives  mainly in the agoraphobia, social phobia and the disorder by stress postraumático. In the addicts to the alcohol this relation arrives even in some cases to 68% mainly related with disorders like the agoraphobia, the obsessive-compulsive disorder and the social phobia. In the dependent of opiáceos are also frequent the disorders of anxiety (16-28%) that in addition to the trastonros of the other cases associates  with frequency to the disorder of panic In the case of the cocaine is common to describe cases of crisis of anxiety (Irurtia, Horse and Ovejero, 2009).

The general symptoms of the disorder of anxiety induced by substances are the same that those that quotes the Manual Diagnostic of Mental Illnesses (DSM-V) for the disorder by anxiety generalised, that defines it like that in which the individual presents excessive worries (apprehensive anticipation), that produce  during more days of which has been absent during a minimum of six months, in relation with diverse events or activities (as in the labour activity or pupil). Between the symptoms to detect it find : the person is not able or is him difficult control the worries; these worries associate  to restlessness, fatigue, difficulty to concentrate , irritability, muscular tension or problems of dream. Besides, to be able to diagnose it like such is necessary that said problem ocasione a significant  unrest in the person that ocasione a deterioration of his social life, labour or other areas of usual operation.

Examples of drugs and symptoms of anxiety.

These are some of the symptoms related with the most common anxiety between some examples of drugs:

Mushrooms alucinógenas:

  • They can cause paranoia and anxiety.
  • In the case to experience a bad trip can ocasionar the loss of the control on our emotions what can unchain in attacks of panic and anxiety.

Cocaine (stimulating):

  • It causes anxiety and paranoias in some people.

Cannabis (Depressant and hallucinogen in some cases):

  • The intense experiences can live  negatively what produces attacks of anxiety and until paranoia.

Ketamina (Hallucinogen):

  • Anxiety and paranoias in some people.

The best solution to the problems related with the consumption of drugs, in addition to the prevention, is to put in contact with a centre of detoxication that will guide you from a first moment in the treatment and rehabilitation. Put him brake.



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