Drinking Water Is the Way to Go: 6 Reasons to Drink More Water For Your Health

Water is one of the most abundant resources on the earth covering over 70% of the earth’s surface. Most of our daily activities often involve water use, from cooking to taking a bath. However, water is more important than we know, with its greatest functions coming when we drink it. All of us drink water, but in most cases, we don’t drink enough. There are so many benefits that water provides and understanding this will provide more reasons to drink more water. Some of the most common benefits that water provides us include:


Regulate body liquids

Just as with the earth, our bodies are made up largely of water, with water being involved in and regulating several processes. As a result, there are many liquids in the body, all essential to our health and daily functioning, all around the body. Water helps to regulate the body’s liquids and even serves to transport liquids and serum across the body. Where water is absent in the body, these processes are halted and the body will not function optimally. The more water you drink, the more optimally body liquids are, and excess water will easily be filtered out of the body as urine.


Facilitates digestion

Digestion is another major process that relies heavily on water. Just as with body fluids, water helps to transport food particles to the necessary parts of the body for digestion. Additionally, water will help to energize the organs that are involved in the digestive process, enabling them to function optimally. Water also serves to moisten and soften food particles, making them easier to break down and digest. Water is required at every stage of digestion starting from the mouth, to the final processing of food and transfer of energy molecules around the body.


Improves the skin condition

If you have ever wanted to have radiant skin, then water may be the only recipe you need to achieve this. Water is said to have a direct influence on the overall condition of the skin. A fully hydrated body will have a better skin condition than one that is not well hydrated. Hydration helps to strengthen the hair follicles in the skin, break down dead skill cells and facilitate the production of new ones. Simply put, the more water you drink, the better the condition of your skin.


It helps the kidney function

The kidney’s function depends solely on the presence of water in your body. The kidney helps to process excess water and filter it out as urine. When there isn’t enough water in the body, the kidney will begin to draw other liquids from the body which will be harmful both to the kidney and the rest of the body. Water can also help fight off kidney problems like kidney stones, fighting off when it is present.


It helps prevent hangovers

Water can help prevent hangovers, and when you are drunk, it can help improve sobriety. Water dilutes the alcohol present in your body, reducing the chances of you being hungover. If you are already hungover, drinking water can help you recover faster than you normally would. Additionally, water can help fight off alcohol poisoning by diluting the alcohol to a level the body is better equipped to handle.


It affects the body’s energy levels

The more water that is present in the body, the more energy you will likely have. Traditionally, food is the substance that influences body energy levels, but water can do the same even though most people don’t realize it. From facilitating digestion to transferring energy molecules to the parts where they are needed, water plays a key role in the body’s energy levels.

The water we drink is only as important as the quality of water, so you need to make sure you are drinking high-quality water. You can improve the quality of water coming into your home by installing a reverse osmosis water filter. By installing a reverse osmosis water filter, you ensure you have an improved quality of water to drink.


Water is one the most important resources for the body and we need to drink as much as possible to make the body function optimally. The amount of water you drink has a direct effect on how healthy your body will be.



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