Ugly teeth, how to lower your self-esteem and solutions

autoestima sonrisa dientes

The smile is one of the human facial expressions more characteristic and instintivas. It is an indicator in front of the other and for us same of our own emotional state, the smile is tied usually to moments of happiness and joy, that something goes well, that something likes us. Although it is true that also a smile can be used like expression of anxiety or stress, the most characteristic of her is to show the approval and welfare of the person that smiles.

An aesthetically pleasant smile represents much better this emotional condition because we tend to see it as healthier. The smile helps to elevate our levels of self-esteem and autoconfianza and, although this perception is also psychological, largely his physical appearance will help to improve our presentation in front of the other.

Have a beautiful denture with which feel us well with us same without cohibir ours smile in front of the other. The ugly teeth are used to to be reason of common aesthetic query to which attends  to a skilled clinic in dental implants to improve our way to smile him to the world.

Smile: the best tool for the self-esteem

The smile affects to our cerebral stimulation through the release of endorfinas (natural analgesic) or serotonin (neurotransmitter involved in the states of welfare and happiness) to the equal that sucede when we make any another type of physical activity. They reduce  the levels of stress, relaxes us and therefore does us feel better with us same. This is key for the improvement of our personal self-esteem. Therefore, present a beautiful denture, symmetrical and pleasant goes to allow that we same express the smile without cohibirnos of her and indirectly goes to balance of natural form our mental state and our perspective on the world. We will open us more to the world and also this will improve our interpersonal relations.

Speaking of social relations, our smile is one of the first cards of visit that are in front of the other. The people that smiles is used to to show as more attractive, reliable, sincere and sober and generates a feeling of contagion in front of the other that transmits largely our state of welfare to the other by what emotionally seems empatizar better that any another social expression, by the easy that is to understand it and locate it.

Obviously, all this whenever this smile was real and no like a mechanism of deception and persuasion. The honest and real smile, known like ‘smile of Duchenne’ is the one who associates  more to these states of pleasure and natural happiness.

It shows your best teeth: aesthetic solutions

When a person feels  cheerful and wants to smile, but does not do it by fear to teach his teeth, for considering them ugly, produces  a feeling of frustration and emotional unrest in the personal that  cohíbe that even it perceives  from the outside by the fault of naturalidad in the emotional expression.

Nowadays, thanks to the medical advances, can improve our dental problems so that our smile can be showed to the world with security and confidence. Many of these medical treatments are the blanqueamiento dental, invisible orthodontics or the dental implants.

The fault of dental pieces is used to to be one of the reasons by which is used to  repress more the smile, but nowadays the advances odontológicos begin to be more near at hand of all the world to correct these problems of way confortable, durable and with an increasingly fast and efficient intervention. It fits remember that no only they are aesthetic problems, but the fact to have the dental pieces will improve our mastication and feeding and, as we already mention, our psychological welfare by what is a problem of general health.

You do not hide your best smile!


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