Learning to teach better: the importance of teacher training

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The constant training of the members of any type of organisation is key for the improvement of his performance and therefore of the progress of the institution for which exert his work. The educational field is perhaps one of which more needs of processes of update of the knowledges, skills and skills of the educational so that the process of education-learning was of quality with the importance that supposes this for the students that, the day of morning will be to his better time prepared thanks to having competent professors.

Any one that was the educational branch is essential that keep  all the educational up to date, but those in which the educational intervention is much more specific on the students, as it can be the special education, is extremely important that the educational have the suitable knowledges to the times and studies more recent. The educational centres would have to elaborate plans of training of his teachers that included some type of course of intervention in special education that will provide them greater competitions of work with these groups of students with needs so specific. In these areas, the intervention psicoeducativa correct and up to date has special importance.

Profits of the training in competitions in education

They are multiple the advantages to make in expanding the training. The educational or employees in general, do not have to remain at the expense of that his university official degrees or of professional training serve them to execute his work. They have to keep and specialise to measure that paginate his professional experience. These are only some of the profits that supposes to form in competitions:

  1. It improves the execution of the tasks. It increases  the productivity and the efficiency of the work. Educational that know to handle properly the tools ofimáticas or know new technicians of education; as well as greater knowledges go to improve the times to the hour to make his classes and activities. It is beneficial for all the parts: the professor has more time for him, the students receive better training and the institution that represents achieve greater productivity.
  2. It prepares to make new tasks and purchase new knowledge. No only it expands  knowledge when we are making a new training. But these new knowledges purchased go to boost learn other new to greater, are a springboard to follow learning. It is a form to improve our autopercepción personal on our capacities that perhaps did not know and that prevented us adentrarnos in new knowledges. For example, if I do not have a base of ofimática basic, hardly go to adentrarme in improving my competitions thanks to the use advanced of other tools. The same sucede when an educational is preparing his selective proofs of access to the work, if during his study makes some courses recognised for oppositions is likely that this knowledge serve him to use it later in addition to the own that will learn during the training to prepare his examinations. Our brain prepares  to be able to receive new tasks what more exercise it.
  3. It improves the climate in the organisation. When the professors or teachers are ready or all have received a same training goes to improve the internal processes between them since it will be able to share information or tools that all are able to use to a same level. This gives place to a better healthy balance between all the components that compose the educational centre.
  4. It reduces the rejections to new tasks and labour absences. When being more prepared to face the educational activity, are used to  purchase better new tasks when having a better autoconcepto and better like this our afrontamiento of challenges. This do involve even more to the educational in his daily work by what his absences will be, in the long run, also lower.
  5. It reduces costs for the company. Yes, the training is an investment that reduces costs in the organisation. The reason is that to make a same work, the person will be able to elaborate it inside his labour schedule; by what will not carry him extra hours his preparation. A better work is synonymous of more quality and this will attract to new customers. The confidence in the educational centre and his educational will be expanded. Less time to make the tasks and also lower possibility to spoil some type of tool that needs of previous knowledge. Besides, in some occasions a very formed employee would be able to make multiple tasks that in other conditions would need of more people for his preparation.
  6. It improves the labour conditions. A very formed person, in addition to having greater time for her when can do the tasks in less time, also will have new aptitudes to improve laboralmente; so much to level salarial like the emotional when reducing the labour stress produced by not having sufficient knowledges to improve the efficiency in his work.

The investment in training so much to personal level as by part of any organisation to his employees is fundamental part for the constant improvement; it is an investment with so many profits that seems indisputable to not to assume it like a certainty. To which waits to follow forming you?



Iván Pico

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